Good food photography speaks to just about everyone, as most of us like to eat. Quality food photographs are a feast for the eyes and are meant to tantalize the viewer and act as sort of a visual appetizer. Interestingly, though, food photography has a tendency to be one of the least “real” mediums, employing many tricks to make a dish look extraordinary.

Skyler Burt has made a short-and-sweet video for his We Eat Together YouTube channel designed to put six new tricks in your repertoire as a food photographer. Lighting, styling, and post-processing are all covered in a concise two minutes, and this video will let you in on a bit of the trickery food photographers sometimes employ.

If compositing has intimidated you, two of the tips will show just how useful and, importantly, how simple compositing can be. From multiplying items to creating perfection from moments that can be messy, you’ll see that by simply shooting on a tripod and using basic masking in Photoshop can elevate your work.

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As a bonus, although Burt doesn’t go into explicit detail about his lighting (though this video does, as mentioned, contain a valuable lighting tip) he’s using a simple setup that produces beautiful results and can be gleaned via observation.

Check out the video below, and let us know which tricks are your favorite!