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Photography In Space – Awesome NASA Images On Luminous Landscape

By Matthew Saville on May 4th 2012

After viewing the stunning timelapse video made by astronauts on the ISS last year, (see below) I have been very interested to learn about just how one goes about making photographs in space, especially using the same gear that I use every week to make photographs here “on the planet surface”…  (Nikon full-frame DSLR’s)  Well, here’s a great article published on The Luminous Landscape written by Captain Alan Poindexter that describes just how easy (and how difficult) it can be to make photographs in space.  Click HERE to read the article!


A couple interesting facts:

•  In space, the cameras are subject to temperature changes of several hundred degrees, simply between sunlight and shade.

•  The dynamic range of many scenes can be as great as 16 or 17 EV’s.  Wow!!


Hopefully some day, the general public will be able to see these breathtaking sights with their own eyes.  I dunno if I will visit space in my lifetime, but I’d sure love to!  Who knows where science, space exploration, and photography will be in 50 years…  :-)  …Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Stargate” lately.  I think that the more sci-fi you watch, the more you get used to seeing imagery like this and you begin to take it for granted.  Personally, I hope that I never lose an appreciation for the real world and it’s natural beauty…

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Time Lapse made by NASA from the ISS, video compiled by Michael Konig

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