The history of cameras is a fascinating one. We’ve come a long way from the invention of cameras to the current iteration of the iPhone. We’ve stepped out of the darkroom and behind a computer screen. Have we evolved into something better? Well, the tech behind it all, at least, has progressed in spades, and this following video from COOPH shows us in 11 portraits just how far we’ve come.

COOPH is the Cooperative of Photography, and they’ve brought us some fun videos in the past such as 8 DIY TRICKS YOU CAN DO WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE and PHOTO COMPOSITION: 9 BASIC GUIDELINES FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHS. In their latest offering, COOPH takes us on a quick tour of history as we begin with the pinhole camera and end with the modern day smartphone camera.

Pinhole Camera

Partnering with photographer Leo Rosas, the team uses one model and with the help of Photoshop, recreated 11 types of portraits to show “how the evolution of the camera has directly influenced portraits.” With one photo shoot, each camera milestone was covered including, as mentioned above, the Pinhole camera, Daguerreotype, Calotype, Tintype, Leica 35mm, Polaroid, Lomography, Disposable camera, SLR, DSLR and Camera Phone.

It’s a fun and interesting look down memory lane, and no, I don’t remember the pinhole camera, I was just a baby…

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