Even some of the best photographers in the world struggle with business.

In this training system, we share ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we’ve used over the past decade, to build one of the most profitable photography studios – Lin and Jirsa.

Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams.

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These four courses were designed to help you start and run the business you’ve always dreamed of:

  • 4 Comprehensive Business Workshops
  • 30+ Hours of Videos, Templates & Workbooks
  • Build A Sound Photography Business Plan
  • Create a Powerful Marketing & SEO Strategy
  • Learn Pricing and Packaging for Profit
  • Master The Art of Selling (Without Being Sales-y)
  • Maintain A Sustainable, Thriving Business
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what are the four courses?

  1. The Photography Business Plan | Photography Business 101
  2. Photography Pricing And Product Design | Photography Business 201
  3. Marketing And SEO For Photographers | Photography Business 301
  4. How To Book Photography Clients | Photography Business 401
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Major Concepts

Here are just a few of the major concepts we teach throughout the course.

Create a Business Plan, Executive Summary, and Mission Statement

The job of “photographer” is 10% taking pictures and 90% everything else, including accounting, legal, marketing, sales, scheduling and more.  Without a solid foundation, structure, and system, operating a successful business is difficult.  In our first course, we teach you the following:

  • Create A Sound Business Plan For Success
  • Set Up The Right Goals For Your Business
  • Establish Your Target Client Persona (with our templates)
  • Analyze The Market And Your Competition with a SWOT analysis

Sample Contracts, Insurance, Financial Reporting, and More

We provide you with the necessary resources and guidance to set up a sustainable, well-protected business.

Understand demand, costs, and Pricing Psychology

Use our pricing calculators to understand your costs and determine your most profitable services, products, and packages.

Understand the concepts of demand vs luxury pricing, price anchoring and, ultimately, pricing for maximum profit.

Master our 4 pronged approach to marketing

Creating an abundance of leads that you don’t have to pay for is critical to  business success. Using these strategies, our studio averages over 150 leads per month for wedding, maternity, newborn and family photography.

  • Learn Our 4 Pronged Approach to Lead Generation
  • Increase Your Google Rankings
  • Master Social Media for Photographers
  • Create Free Sustainable Lead Generation Funnels
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes

Learn how to grow your social media

We dive into growth, engagement, and networking strategies for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

Master SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

In our SEO section, you’ll learn the following:

  • Tools to help you find the best keywords
  • Evergreen pages that receives long term traffic
  • Build links within the photography industry
  • Rank in Local Search
  • Structure your website for better search traffic
  • Much More!

Understand Sales Psychology

In our final course in this workshop, available to you in December as part of this purchase, you’ll learn the following:

  • Sales Techniques – Learn universal sales and communication techniques and see how they are applied specifically to photography clients.
  • Understand Your Clients’ Needs – Our WAVE (Wall Art Vision Exercise) is our studio’s secret to understanding exactly what our clients are looking for, helping us not only sell to them better, but to also photograph them better.
  • Practice Sales Calls & Meetings – Follow our exercises and case studies to practice your sales calls and meetings so that you can book clients and close the sale.


Learn Advanced Marketing Strategies

We include 3 bonus PDFs on the following:

  • Using giveaways to generate thousands of leads and Instagram followers
  • Using Lead Magnets to attract your target market organically
  • Using Email Funnels to nurture leads and help convert leads to clients.

  • Fundamentals & Human Psychology
  • Sales As A Simple Step-by-Step Framework
  • Mastering The Phone Sell
  • Fine Tuning Sales Skills
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