A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

27 Sep 2020

Our Complete Photography Business Workshop Series is the first and only complete operating template for launching and running a photography business. This course is designed for any established or aspiring Engagement, Wedding, Maternity, Newborn, Family, Senior and Headshot photographer (lifecycle photography). Lessons taught in these 4 workshops will make you a better business person, and a better photographer!

You can watch a sneak peek from our Pricing section here:

What do you get?

  • 4 Complete Courses
  • Over 1,400 Total Keynote Slides In PDF Form
  • Estimated Length of Entire Series: 35-40 hrs Total, Approximately 8-10hrs Per Course
  • Includes Operating Template & Roadmap For Launch and Day-To-Day Operations
  • 16 Additional Workbook Resources (Gear Purchase Guide, Competitor Analysis and SWOT Guide, Financial Reporting and Forecasting, Pricing Calculators, Email Templates, & More)
  • 24 Downloadables (Sales Handbook and Scripts, 3 Advanced Marketing Ebooks and so many more incredible resources)

what will we teach?

This definitive business course is designed to help you build the business of YOUR dreams and we’ve broken the series into 4 comprehensive workshops:

Course 1: The Business Plan

  • Setting The Direction For Your Business
  • How To Research Your Market And Competition
  • Understanding Your Target Client
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Understanding Financial Reporting
  • Our First Year (2008) Lin and Jirsa Profit and Loss (Client By Client)
  • Crafting The Business plan and preparing for launch
  • & More!

Course 2: Pricing & Product Development

  • Crafting your product and experience
  • IPS vs complete package pricing models
  • Learning how to create a consistent product experience
  • Pricing psychology and design
  • Pricing methodology for any phase of your business
  • & More!

Course 3: marketing & seo

  • How To market without spending money
  • Getting the first client in the door
  • Building long-term marketing assets
  • How to craft content that gets you clients for free
  • Understanding SEO
  • Mastering how to content market
  • Understanding how to build links and website authority
  • & More!

Course 4: sales & closing

  • Making Sales Easy & Effortless
  • Making “Sales” Something Your Clients Love
  • How Understanding Sales Will Make You A Better Photographer
  • The Wall Art Vision Exercise (W.A.V.E.)
  • Sales Psychology
  • How To Close
  • In-Person & Phone Consultations
  • Sales Roleplaying
  • & More!

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