I recently came across a review of Photojojo’s clip-on polarizing filter for Iphones by the guys over at Iphoneography. You can read their review over on their site. It sparked a thought in me and so I wanted to talk about the market for iphone photography accessories.


Apps are one thing, but clip on filters? Really? Am I the only one that finds this rather hokie? Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against iphone or other cell phone photographers – but there comes a point when you try to use a device beyond its means and it just makes you look silly.

While not as bad as lenses for Iphone, I think clip on filters are just as silly. I mean if you want to have more reach, or better filter capabilities then why not use a camera made for that? You know like a DSLR or even a higher end p&s.

Some people see it as a challenge and use it as a learning experience. More power to you. But I prefer to not have to fiddle with aligning a filter or lens attachment correctly. I’ll stick with my real cameras for serious photography, and my phone camera can stick to the candid and uninspired instagraming.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Am I way off base, or do you too find Iphone photography accessories rather silly? Let us know in a comment below.