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24 Oct 2020

Never have to rely on Auto Mode again! Get to know your camera and explore all the fundamentals of photography. Understand technical concepts like aperture and depth-of-field and get essential tips on topics like how to expose for your scene and how to get creative effects in-camera.

Photography 101

  • A-Z Guide To Photography
  • Create Incredible Imagery with Basic Gear
  • Get the Perfect Exposure In One Shot
  • Master Manual Mode & More!
  • Learn How to Light, Pose, Expose, & Compose
  • Real-Life Photo Shoots & On-Site Education
  • Over 7 Hours of HD Video Instruction
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Important | How To Access This Course

For New Students – Purchase this course on our new platform slrloungeworkshops.com.  This new platform is an upgraded user experience, with more reliable streaming and other highly requested features.

For Previous Purchasers and Legacy Premium Members  – If you purchased this workshop prior to the launch of slrloungeworkshops.com, we sent you an email with instructions on how to access the course on the new and improved platform. If you did not receive an email, please email help@slrlounge.com from the email you used to make the purchase and we’ll resend the instructions.

You may still access the course on the old platform until July 31, 2019. To continue using the old platform until that date, click HERE.

Use Entry Level Gear To Create Professional-Level Imagery

Even with standard equipment, there won’t be anything “standard” about your images. EVERY image in this workshop is captured on either a Canon Rebel or Nikon D5200, basic sub-$500 cameras, along with standard kit lenses and inexpensive prime lenses. These are all you really need to begin taking incredible images.

Don’t Sweat The Technique, We’ve Got You Covered

Photography can be an intimidating subject to master because of having to learn about all of the technical components and terms related to it. Our explanation of the Exposure triangle will give you an in-depth understanding of how to manipulate ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture to arrive at the perfect exposure for any scene.

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Tips & Techniques To Help You Master  The Art Of Photography

Camera settings are just the basics of what this course covers! We discuss compositional rules and theory, photojournalism & candid imagery, focus recomposing & so much more!

Photography 101 Isn’t Only For Beginners

While beginners will take in an incredible amount of knowledge, this workshop was designed to be beneficial for experienced photographers as well. Only add more to your professional skill set as you learn how to:

  • Get the perfect exposure in one shot
  • Interact with your subjects to get your desired expressions
  • Modify light for different situations

We also talk shop with info on where to buy your gear, what gear to buy, and more. So, even as a seasoned photographer, this workshop will not only further reinforce your knowledge but also teach you a few new techniques that will help you continue to improve in your photography career.

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Key Concepts

Dive into the fundamentals of portrait photography as we take you on 6 real-life photo shoots, show you all the behind-the-scenes on how we captured each image, and give you a complete understanding of how shot, lit, posed, exposed, and composed each scene.

Couples Portrait Photography

Come along and learn from an actual engagement portrait session and see how you can capture beautifully natural and loving portraits.

Landscape Photography

Get all the tips and tricks on how to get breathtaking oceanside landscape images as this workshop takes you on location to beautiful Laguna Beach, CA.

Food Photography

Dive right into macro photography as we show you how to capture delightfully delicious food photos.

Fashion Photography

Learn how to shoot, pose and light for fashion photography as we take you on a bohemian styled shoot.

Sports Photography

No matter how fast-paced sports photography may be, you’ll always be prepared! Learn to shoot sports and action and just how to capture awesome action shots by panning with moving subjects.


See how you can set up a scene and prepare to capture those perfectly adorable and candid moments of children.

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Get The Full Training System!

Photography 101 is Part 1 of the Photography Fundamentals Training System. Part 2 is Lighting 101 and Part 3 and Lighting 201. Purchase the entire training system and save!