A Message from Pye and Our Team: In Response to COVID-19

27 Sep 2020

Taking photos of the bride and groom is the moment when you have the most interaction with the happy couple, so use the following ideas to make the most out of it.

  • Bridal and groom individual portraits – should include a photo from the shoulders up, one behind the bride’s veil and hair, a mid-length one, a full-length one, a bride’s hand holding the bouquet close-up, and a groom’s boutonniere close-up.
  • The couple’s portraits – should include smiling close-ups, shoots with the bride and groom holding hands while standing side by side, holding hands while walking, facing each other, and kissing.

Quick Recap: Photographing the bride and groom

  • Bridal and groom individual portraits
  • The couple’s portraits