A few weeks ago my iPhone dinged, notifying me I had a new email in my inbox. I assumed it was a new inquiry or an email from one of my clients. Upon opening my email, I was surprised to see an email from Jamie Delani, a photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. She wrote to me about her and her husband Randy Watson’s project, The School Sessions.

In 2010, Haiti was victim of a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. That earthquake destroyed many homes, businesses, and schools. While many schools were destroyed during the earthquake, one school in particular, the E.C.C.A school continued to teach students throughout that tragic time and still does to this day. The video below explains why a new school in Haiti is so very important.



About The School Sessions

The School Sessions is a very simple idea. On April 12th, 2015, Jamie and Randy are asking that photographers around the world shoot a paying photography session and donate 100 percent of the session fee to The School Sessions. The goal is raise $200,000 to help purchase land, build a 10 classroom, concrete, hurricane and earthquake proof school for the students and teachers of the E.C.C.A. school. Jamie and Randy have also partnered with Hope Force International, a non-profit organization dedicated to disaster response based in Nashville, TN. Hope Force International will be managing all the funds from The School Sessions along with overseeing the construction of the new school in Haiti.



My thoughts on The School Sessions are simple; you and I as photographers should participate. So much of our time is dedicated to making money for ourselves, and while making money is important, we all should give back from time to time as well. What better way to do so than with our photography? I’m personally committing to offering sessions the whole week of April 12th, 2015 with all the proceeds being donated to The School Sessions. Even if you can only do one session, it will help a great cause.

For more information about The School Sessions and to learn how to participate, check out their website. If you cannot do a session, there is also the option to donate money on their site as well.

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Via: The School Sessions