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Photographers, What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Done?

July 9th 2010 11:58 AM

We’ve all done it before. We’ve knocked something over, bumped into something, even dropped our thousand dollar lenses. But what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done as photographer? To get the conversation started, I’ll share a hilarious video and then get into my experiences.

Wedding Photography Fail

Please don’t do this at a wedding! You have to feel bad for the guy; but it’s impossible not to laugh just a little bit.

My Wedding Photography Fail

Not nearly as costly or as embarrassing as the video above, I’ve had a couple of mishaps before as well. The most recent one was during a “formals” session at a wedding. I was trying to get the wedding party to do a fun jumping shot. Not wanting stiff, boring jumps, I decided to demonstrate a ‘leprechaun’ jump, clicking both heels mid air to the side of the body. I bet you can imagine where this is going. Midair, I heard a nice long ….. and very loud ripping sound. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one who heard it. The groomsmen were on the ground laughing, as I stood there with a giant rip right down the middle of the crotch. I guess it could have been worse because, unlike the guy in the video, this embarrassing moment only cost me a little bit of pride.

We’d love to hear your experiences and any other comments you might have!


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  1. RCMG {Photography}

    Yeah, so I was shooting my very first wedding (bridal party shots) on the beach uncomfortably lugging all of my gear around. I totally lost my balance in the sand and plopped down on the ground into a perfect “criss-cross applesauce” position. I was so embarrassed, but all I said as people were in shock was, “Now that I did something silly, it’s your turn!” And then I captured them being goofs from that location on the ground! It worked!

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  2. Pye

    Hilarious stories guys, getting a kick out of them. I got a new one to share.

    So, you would think my brain to mouth filter would be better by now. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. During one of my recent weddings, I saw the groom walking toward me with some other guys coming to take bridal party shots. The groom was particularly chummy having his arm on the shoulder of one of his best men, an older man walking next to him.

    When I introduced myself I said, “Sam, looking smooth brotha! This must be your father, great to meet you sir!”

    The man looked at me and replied, “I am his friend you ass hole, we grew up together, we are the same age.”

    Apparently, everyone except for me and the offended man were quite amused at the situation. Unfortunately, despite me apologizing profusely, the lovely man called me “asshole” for the rest of the night whenever he needed a picture.


    — Post Production Pye

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  3. Mike

    I was helping a friend out with a small gig he was putting on. I was in a rush so had to literally grab my (film) camera as I dashed out of my flat. When I arrived, the stage looked great – really intimate setting, candle-lit, great performers. It felt like such a great gig, I was convinced that I had gotten some great shots.

    I got home and realised I didn’t load any film… No wonder the film-advance felt so light!

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  4. Liz

    At a recent wedding, the MOB was very nervous in crowds and I was trying to shoo non-immediate family away to have her as comfortable as possible for the family formals.

    I was getting very frustrated because no one was listening so I sternly told one guest that the area I was shooting was for immediate family ONLY and everyone else had to leave. She let me finish and then told me “I am immediate family”. I was so embarrassed. She was the Groom’s SIL. Oops.

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  5. Jenny

    I went to the park with some stuff I wanted to get shots of and one photo I took I had to get down low to get what I wanted. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had gotten down on the ground and layed in goose poo. Twas gross…

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  6. admin

    Loving all the stories guys! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Julie Gendron

    After formal shots at the church, the father of the bride a hobbyist photographer wanted to get a large group shot so I got out of the way and watched for opportunities to catch photos of people laughing or giving looks.. I stood up in a pew to get some photos from the side, I needed to step back and when i looked behind me i lifted my leg to step back a pew, and then decided to do it again, only on the pew behind me there was a divider. I tripped and fell in the pew, thankfully everyone laughed at me, and I shot photos of them all laughing, very hard, at my expense. I’m glad they loved me still! It was worth it.

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  8. John

    I was shooting for a studio and they never told me the detail info of a wedding. Just day, Bride, groom and place.
    I parked my car a I saw a lady (50+) very well dressed and I ask her:
    “Are you Mary’s Mom ?”
    and she said “No, I’m Mary”

    It was extremely uncomfortable during the whole wedding.

    I learned my lesson!

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  9. Pye

    While posing and shooting my couple during an engagement shoot, I asked my couple to look into the camera just right above the lens. I noticed the girl wasn’t doing it too well, so I asked her to look directly into my lens. I will always remember her genuine frustration as she said sadly, “I am trying my best, I have a lazy eye.”… Oops, my bad

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    • Chuck Eggen

      I had the same thing happen. Tried several times to get a photo of a couple and finally I said to the man, “you have to look into the camera” where he replied, “I am.” It was then I realized he had a lazy eye and thought he was looking into the lens. Quite embarrassing.

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  10. Jonathan Chick

    Soooo…doing formal shots with the B&G and groom’s family. Asked the grandparents to step out of the next shot. No grandparents…..just really old looking parents and step parents. Got daggers from the stepmother…..and it was all on video too! I still laugh about it with the B&G.

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  11. Fletcher

    I was taking some bridal photos. The bride wanted to do a set of boudoir photos as well. While I normally don’t blush at this job, this bride chose to include (I didn’t know ahead of time) her bridesmaids. After a few shots, I had to leave. It just became too uncomfortable for me (I’ll let you fill in the details as to why). I deleted the shots off the memory card and she never mentioned it again.

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  12. K. Praslowicz

    I read the title and immediate thought about the video you included in the content. My psychic powers must be active today.

    I’ll need to think a bit for my own story.

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