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Time Out With Tanya

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for HER: 7 Gift Ideas for Your Lady Photographer

By Tanya Goodall Smith on January 27th 2014

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I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Maybe because my birthday is the day after, so it’s a time of celebration for me (hey, I lived another year!). My husband, on the other hand, thinks it’s a stupid commercial “holiday” hyped up by the retailers of the world to rob him of his hard earned cash in the name of love…

Well, whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, any excuse to give (or receive) a gift is a good one in my book. If you’re not sure what to get your photography loving lady friend this year, here are a few suggestions. And don’t worry, Ladies, I’ll post a gift guide for HIM later this week.

1. Instant Film Camera

Though it’s totally old school, an instant film camera is something any photography enthusiast would love. Something like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera would be perfect to use at a party or on a night out. She’ll be able snap away and give instant prints to all her friends. Trust me, I have an Instax and it’s really cool.

2. Photo Album for Instax Mini Print

If you’re going to give her an Instax Mini, she’s going to need some place to put all those tiny little instant prints. Try an album made specifically for this purpose (it also holds business cards) like the Diamond Photo Album for Fujiflim Instax Mini Films. It’s super cute!

3. Camera Bag

If she doesn’t already have a stylish yet functional camera bag (or 5…), now’s the time to let her buy one! I like the Kelly Moore Posey 2 Bag for small cameras. It’s not quite large enough for my full frame Canon 5D Mark III, but fits a consumer grade DSLR and lens just fine. Kelly Moore has several larger bags as well.



4. Stylish Camera Strap

I’m a sucker for a scarf (seriously, I own at least a dozen). While I’m not sure how practical these gorgeous scarf camera straps from The Bloom Theory would be (I haven’t seen one in person), they do look so cozy and feminine. Anything that can double as an accessory is a win for most women.

5. A Photography Book or Workshop

If your lady values learning new skills and improving her craft, maybe she would like a photography book, online workshop or local class. You might try fashion photography Lindsay Adler’s new book, Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio or, the SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection, which also includes my favorite Lightroom preset system for fast and easy photo editing.

6 & 7. Sentimental Bling

Ok, guys, if you want to win for best gift ever, go for bling and sentimentality rolled into one tiny package. One of my friends has the most amazing charm bracelet. Her husband buys her a new charm every year on their anniversary. It’s usually a charm that reminds her of a trip they took that year or something special that happened. TOTALLY AWESOME. While I’ve seen a bazillion cheap camera charms around the Internet, this Fossil Charm Chain Necklace plus Camera Charm looks like something I would love to wear. The charm has an actual leather wrap around the camera and a little glass jewel.

I’ve always wanted a charm necklace. Since my husband is anti-Valentine’s Day maybe I’ll buy this for myself…

Stay tuned for the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for HIM coming later this week.

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Tanya Goodall Smith is the owner, brand strategist and commercial photographer at WorkStory Corporate Photography in Spokane, Washington. WorkStory creates visual communications that make your brand irresistible to your target market. Join the stock photo rebellion at

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  1. B.

    Those awkward moments when you’d prefer any of the Valentine’s gifts for HIM, because [aside from the book], everything else on this list is useless or could be better replaced with something on the guys list.

    Seriously how does someone being a girl indicate that she needs nothing useful and would prefer pointless frivolities?

    | |
  2. Hanssie

    Every time I go buy myself an Instax, I stop because it’s so impractical. But so fun! I want one!!!

    | |
  3. tara pittman

    I love the camera strap. I is like a scarf and a strap in one.

    | |