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Photographer Michael Muller Gets Up Close And Personal For Shark Week

By Michelle Bird on August 14th 2014


Photo: Michael Muller

Ah, Shark Week, the one week of the year everybody has been waiting for, folks tune-in to the Discovery Channel to watch shark-based programming, like Sharkpocalypse, Spawn of Jaws, Great White Gauntlet, I Escaped Jaws, Zombie Sharks, Great White Appetite, and many others– it seems like they’ve gotten quite creative with their names.

Initially, the sole purpose of shark week was to better educate, and raise awareness as well as respect for these magnificent creatures of the sea, who are currently in great danger due to overfishing and the high-demand of for fins.

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What is Shark Week without the photographers and videographers, that tune-out the Jaws music when they go into the ocean? One of them being Michael Muller– the cage-free shark photographer that is running Discovery Channel’s Instagram this week, giving shark fans a nice dose of up-close-and-personal encounters.

“The only time I get in a cage is when we are on the surface baiting Great White sharks, other than that moment there is no need for a cage,” said Muller, in an interview with Instagram . “The fact is that sharks are far more scared and skeptical of us, and with good reason. We are killing 100,000,000 sharks a year at this point. I have never even been close to being threatened by a shark.”


What makes Muller’s photography stand out from the rest is not only that he deems himself cagefree, but Muller also uses an underwater lighting rig, that he developed himself, bringing the studio to the ocean. His underwater equipment consists of: Phase One medium format with Nauticam, Nikon D800 with Subal Housing, Red Epic Dragon, GoPro, and last but not least, scuba equipment.

Check out some of Muller’s post from Instagram below:








Michael Muller: Instagram // Official Website

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[via] Wired

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  1. Phil Bautista

    More people are killed by cows than by sharks yearly. Cows!?!

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  2. Greg Faulkner

    That first photo! It’s just like jaws lol

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  3. Austin Swenson

    These photos are great, I’m wondering is that orange tinge on the first photo supposed to be lens flare or is that something else?

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