Two years ago, we featured the stunning work of Polish economist and photographer Sebastian Luczywo (see this article). Sebastian found inspiration in his family and pets, and his images reflected as such. As with most creatives, Luczywo began to feel like he was a bit in a rut with his work. He was looking for a new perspective, a fresh way to look at the world.

That was around the time his teenage daughter, Kaja, came home from a school trip. Kaja, who has Down’s Syndrome, had taken a digital camera with her and Luczywo was surprised to find that she had only taken a total of five images the entire trip. “I was astonished by the respect with which my daughter approached the art of photography…Each of [the] frames was deliberate and showed something that was specific and important for Kaja.” he explained.

Wanting to see more of the world through Kaja’s eyes, Luczywo challenged her to a photography “duel.” For four months, father and daughter would pick a site, choose a subject together and Kaja would photograph it first (so she would not be influenced by her father’s shot). Both set their cameras to Auto and over five sessions, these are some of the images they captured.





Luczywo says that this project helped give him the new perspective he needed. ‘Now, every day and every time I’m about to take a picture, I first think how Kaja would look at it, from which perspective,’ he says. ‘I am learning anew from my daughter with Down’s Syndrome.’

You can see more of Sebastian Luczywo’s images on his 500px page and more of the images from the duel at Daily Mail here.









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