The Photos

301_6564-4(Click here for a larger image!)

The Equipment and Settings

The Shooting Conditions

This is one of my favorite things to do:  Wait until just after sunset, after 90% of the other (portrait) photographers have packed up their bags and headed home.  In case you haven’t already figured out my style, this is when I bust out my tripod and beg my subjects to hold VERY still.  ;-)

The second habit of mine is to look in the opposite direction of the sunset, and use the sunset / post-sunset light to illuminate my subject.  In this case, I got lucky- The crashing waves, the clouds and the color in the sky, and the direction of light on the subject all lined up perfectly.

Shooting telephoto portraits at slow shutter speeds is not easy, but with a steady hand (a cable release can help too) and a steady subject, you’re bound to get a few sharp frames.

To get a sense of the scene, here are a couple other images from the shoot:



The Post-Production

With light as soft and gentle as this, the post-production is simple and mostly subjective.  I could go soft and gentle, or I could go contrasty and harsh.  I usually process images based on my emotions during the photo shoot, and in this case the ominous waves crashing in the background definitely pushed me towards deeper tones and greater contrast.

I couldn’t decide whether I liked color or black & white better, so I arranged these two images as a diptych.

I used the SLR Lounge Lightroom 4 Preset System, which you can read more about or purchase by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading, and take care!
=Matthew Saville=


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