The Photo

 Matthew-Saville-030-3(Click here for a larger image!)

The Equipment and Settings

The Shooting Conditions

Here’s a good example of when to “turn the whole thing around” and use the sun as your light source. Usually, photographers fear direct sun on their subjects as if it’s the plague.  Entire photo shoots can go on with the sun at a subject’s back, for that flare-y, backlit look.  While this can of course be beautiful as well, and it’s a very good idea for times of day when the sunlight is harsh, the “golden hour” just before sunset changes that rule in my opinion. Sunlight on a subject can be a beautiful thing, so keep an eye open in all directions and consider your options.

Especially when the weather is a little more dramatic than usual, you never know where light and color might appear!

Here are a couple additional images from the scene, as the light changed and faded:



The Post-Processing

This image is another SOOC image. (Straight Out Of Camera)  Even though I shoot 90% of my photos in RAW, I still browse and sort my images in Nikon’s View NX 2 file browser, because of it’s blazing fast speed at viewing RAW files.  (Similarly to Photomechanic, and in my opinion even better!) Usually I just cull my images in View NX 2 and then import them into Lightroom or use Bridge’s ACR to do actual color corrections, however sometimes an image just looks great in View NX 2 so I export it exactly the way it is!

If you look closely you can see a faint bit of color shifting around the edges of the frame; this is simply due to the in-camera saturation and contrast I applied.  It goes away once you open the RAW file in Lightroom etc.


Take care, and happy clicking!
=Matthew Saville=