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Photo Flash WordPress Theme Download and Installation Instructions

By Pye Jirsa on March 26th 2010

Note: There are newer themes available. They are still completely free but they now come with an options page (to customize your blog without altering the code), improved functionality, and a variety of new features. Click here to view examples and receive download and installation instructions for these new free wordpress themes. However, the theme featured on this page is still available for download.

Photo Flash, the Free Photography WordPress Theme offered by SLR Lounge, was created for photographers who want to feature a dynamic banner. The estimated set up time should be around 20 minutes, and we’ve really tried to make it easy for you to do everything from a nice and intuitive back end. Follow the instructions below, and we would love to hear your comments.

Download: Signing Up HERE (You receive access to all 4 themes with one sign up)

Basic Instructions

1) Install WordPress. For video instructions, see this post.

2) Download the Theme by Signing Up HERE (You receive access to all 4 themes with one sign up)

3) Install Theme and begin customizing by clicking “Photo Feature by SLR Lounge Options” in the Appearance Tab

4) Customize the colors of your site using Adobe’s Kuler (Optional Resource)

5) Continue Customizing Your Blog by Continuing with the “Photo Feature by SLR Lounge Options” in the Appearance Tab


6) Install an FTP Program (Filezilla) and Connect to Your Site (The following video was created for the SLR Lounge Theme 1.0, but the same instructions should apply to this theme)

7) Go to and download the plugin, FTP files (NOT FOLDER) of the Flashfader into the Plugins Folder, and Finalize Your Customization

8) Change the flashfaderhtml document


In order to have your menu drop downs appear over the flash banner, you need to alter the flashfaderhtml.txt document

a) Open your ftp program
b) Log into your site
c) Navigate to wp-content > flashfader > flashfaderhtml.txt
d) Drag flashfaderhtml.txt to your desktop and open with any text editor
e) Copy and paste in the following code: right before the object closes:

For example, the flashfaderhtml.txt file in our example blog reads

Your code should not need to be altered except for the inserting the code we talked about in step e. The whole code is mentioned above for your reference. Notice the right before the end of the code. However, yours will be slightly different because your url obviously isn’t slrlounge/testwordpress

f) Replace the new flashfaderhtml.txt document on your site with the one you changed using the ftp program.

9) Customize The Footer

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  2. Grimes

    can I install this slr blog on my wix html 5 site?  if so, please tell me how.

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  3. Bridgetteburr

    When I update my images in flash fader, they do not load. The old ones continue to display. How do I fix this?

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  4. Somesh

    I was reading your article and I would like to appreciate you for making it very simple and understandable. This article gives me a basic idea of how to install and use wordpress article on local system and it will help me a lot.
    Check this link too its also having a collection wordpress article which helped to beginner as well as developer.

    Thanks for sharing your article with us.

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  5. Julie

    I can not install this thing :o( I have tried… my Husband has tried… It will install sort of but all of the attributes of the Photo Flash are not there…. I am having serious issues lol please help.
    Thanks in advance.

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