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Photo Feature WordPress Theme Download and Installation Instructions

March 26th 2010 6:53 PM

Note: There are newer themes available. They are still completely free but they now come with an options page (to customize your blog without altering the code), improved functionality, and a variety of new features. Click here to view examples and receive download and installation instructions for these new free wordpress themes. However, the theme featured on this page is still available for download.

Photo Feature was created because we realize a photographer’s best work is often displayed on his or her blog. However, we also realize that our readers rarely go past the first couple of pages. That combo of circumstances leads a lot of our great posts from the past being buried and rarely seen. We created a featured slider to feature some of your great past content so they get a little more lovin.

Download: Signing Up HERE (You receive access to all 4 themes by signing up for our newsletter)

Basic Instructions

1) Install WordPress. For video instructions, click here.

2) Download the Theme by Signing Up HERE (You receive access to all 4 themes with one sign up)

3) Install Theme and begin customizing by clicking “Photo Feature by SLR Lounge Options” in the Appearance Tab

4) Customize the colors of your site using Adobe’s Kuler (Optional Resource)

5) Continue Customizing Your Blog by Continuing with the “Photo Feature by SLR Lounge Options” in the Appearance Tab


6) Customize the Featured Slider Section of Your Blog

7) Customize The Footer


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