Happy Holidays! We’ve partnered with MyPublisher for our first major giveaway of the season.


The digital age brought with it many benefits – more versatility, instant gratification, ease of use and unlimited memory to name a few. One of the drawbacks about the dawning of the digital age though, is that most of our precious photos now end up on a hard drive or disc somewhere, never to be seen again. Gone are the days we take our rolls of film into the local photo lab, wait impatiently to see our images and painstakingly put them in a photo album to be shared and enjoyed at family gatherings. These days, we are lucky if more than a handful of photos are quickly forgotten and buried in someone’s Facebook newsfeed.

This is why, as photographers, it is important to not only hand our clients their disc (flash drive, etc), but a tangible and visual copy of our work which they can see, enjoy, and hopefully share for generations to come. Many wedding photographers offer this in a large print or beautiful wedding album. Some portrait photographers may offer a large print, but it is more rare for them to offer an album or photo book. Why don’t more photographers offer albums or photo books for their clients? Is it time? Money?

Would you offer your clients a photo book if the process was more simple and affordable? Enter MyPublisher…


About MyPublisher and the Giveaway

MyPublisher is a leader in the industry. They construct and print each product in-house, which allows them to maintain high-quality at affordable pricing. Photo books come in four sizes and four different covers, ranging from Book Jacket and Photo Finish, to Linen and Leather covers. They also offer customizing add-ons like Super Gloss Printing and Lay Flat Pages as well as other acccessories like Slipcases, Presentation Boxes, and Photo Window Boxes.

Basically there are enough options for a client’s various tastes but not too many options to overwhelm and clutter the design process.

They also get bonus points for having great BookMaker software, which is intuitive enough for non professionals, but robust and functional enough to satisfy the customization needs of pro photographers.



New Premium Photo Albums

Recently, MyPublisher launched a new line of premium photo albums, which offer another way to showcase your photography and create the album you need, whether for clients or for personal purposes. Unlike photo books, photo albums are designed and created for you. It is a service MyPublisher is providing, whereby their team works with you to get your input on how it looks, how the layouts are designed, and which photos are used.

For more information on their photo books and photo albums, and to check out their current deals, go to www.mypublisher.com.


Giveaway – Make Your Own Custom Photo Book!

And now, you can get the MyPublisher experience and make your own custom photo book! Enter the MyPublisher giveaway today, and you could be the lucky winner of a $250 gift certificate, good toward your photo book order!

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