I absolutely love browsing through Kickstarter and looking at all the different creative inventions people pursue to create. And from time to time a project stands out to me, and I feel the urge to back it up. This phenomenon happened again a few days ago, when I stumbled upon EnlightPhoto’s new Kickstarter project called “Phlite”.

The basic idea behind the product is nice and simple: We photographers often times lust after gear, each of us in our own way. The gear that we invest in, is all beautifully designed but spends most of its life hidden away in our camera bags, or gathering dust in a storage room of some sort. EnlightPhoto is looking to change that with Phlite – a lamp attachment product that takes your at-rest photo gear and lets you enjoy it all the time.

“Camera gear is almost always gorgeous, yet spends most of its life hidden away. And storing it often times takes up a lot of space as well – these are the two problems that Phlite solves elegantly. It works brilliantly if you’re putting it on gear you use every now and then: Thanks to its design, You can put it on or remove it from your gear in just a few seconds and when you leave it behind, it still looks great sitting on a shelf or desk on its own. “

I talked about this Kickstarter project with James Madelin, the CEO of EnlightPhoto, and he told me that his inspiration for Phlite comes from his passion for making great use of space and lighting design. James spends a lot of time on Pinterest and absolutely loves interior design. With Phlite he’s looking to combine both of his passions and create a product that would act as a bridge between photography and interior design.

Phlite - Photo Gear into Lamp

“You can use Phlite to breathe new life into your older camera gear that you love, but don’t have on show. The old Nikkormat my wife owned when we started dating is a classic example of this… it was in a bag in storage until I launched Phlite. Now it brightens up our apartment, looks great and brings up a ton of great memories.”


One last thing that makes this project stand out from the rest, is the fact that thanks to the easily customisable lampshades, with Phlite you can enjoy your photography all the time too. I can easily see myself printing my own photos to use as lampshades. A nice and creative way to showcase my own work to clients and guests alike.

Phlite - Custom shades

What do you think? Is this idea a winner, or too much of a hassle? If you love the idea, you can show your support and back the project on Kickstarter.