The parts of Phase One’s new A-Series Mirrorless Medium Format system are nothing new. The digital backs are literally (as far as we can tell) just their latest IQ250, IQ260, and IQ280 with a slightly modified mount to connect with the ALPA frames. Same with the ALPA frames and Rodenstock lenses, all have been available for quite some time.


When you combine all of these ‘old news’ parts, the sum is actually something fairly exciting in the Medium Format world – a Mirrorless Camera. In fact, this system has no viewfinder of any kind, not even an EVF (not a traditional one anyways). If you want to see what you are shooting, you can pair your phone with the Phase One back and use it as a live view terminal to see through the lens. A neat, and welcome improvement to the ALPA system.

Now, this is not your Fujifilm or or Sony mirrorless camera, these are still being sold at ridiculously expensive Medium Format prices. But it could be the start of something. If these sell well, or catch the attention of the right people, this could be just the first of what could turn out to be a “mirrorless revolution” in the Medium Format space, similar to what is going on in the 35mm world now.


It could also be a one off, and a I should really stop trying to predict how trends will move forward. The funny thing is, we really don’t even have all of the details about this new A-Series from Phase One yet, so it would be prudent to wait until all the information is out before getting too excited or writing it off.

Until Phase One gets the full press release about these out, it’s just a game of wait-n-see. Stay tuned for an update when more details are available.

[via Fstoppers via Digital Transitions]