We are going to begin to bring you guys an interview once a month with successful photographers. Those that have walked the walk, those that have done that which we all want to do, and those that have some knowledge to share with the rest of us. So, with that we begin with our first interview, Peter Hurley.

If you shoot headshots or portraits in general, then you’ve probably heard of Peter Hurley.If you’ve never heard of Peter Hurley AND you shoot headshots or portraiture in general, then stop what you’re doing, check out Peter’s DVD by clicking HERE, (Our review of the DVD can be found HERE)…And then watch this interview in which Peter visits the SLR Lounge and Lin & Jirsa Photography Studio.

While this interview is a bit long, it is also extremely useful. In this interview, we talk about how Peter got started in headshots, how he runs his business, what equipment he typically likes to use, new endeavors he’s been up to recently and much more! There is a lot of great information, so sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy!



You can buy Peter Hurley’s DVD by clicking HERE.