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Peter Hurley Shows Us What’s In His Bag

By Hanssie on August 17th 2015

peter-hurley-camera-bagUs photographers are interesting folks. We think in shutter speeds and apertures; we are known to squeal when we find good light (and force whoever is nearby to pose so we can capture that light); we collect gear like women from the 90’s collected Beanie Babies. So, it’s not a surprise that when given the opportunity to peer into the camera bags of other photographers, we jump at the chance to see what tools are used to make magic. Just as one might be curious at the pots and pans of a master chef, we too want to see what cameras and lenses are the choices for a master photographer.

New York-based headshot photographer, educator and former model, Peter Hurley gives us a peek at what’s inside his bag in this short video from B&H. Peter’s career is an enviable one, and so I was very interested in seeing what he carries with him for his shoots. Peter begins by showing us the two bags he carries while traveling – a Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter and a Think Tank Airport Security V2.0. Peter shoots with the new Canon 5Ds  and a Canon 100mm F/2.8L macro. He then goes through the odds and ends of his setup, how he tethers it and backs it all up in the 9-minute video.


To learn more from Peter, be sure to check out some of his instructional videos: The Art Behind The Head Shot, and Illuminating The Face. Both are treasure troves of information to help you photograph people and make great portraits.

[Via ISO1200]

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Rick Garcia

    SHABANG! need I say more… lol

    | |
  2. Peter Nord

    Peter’s secret isn’t what in his bag but what’s in his head. Read his book: “The Headshot.”

    | |
  3. John Priest

    OK… I may be a bit behind, but when did Peter SWITCH from Hasselblad to Phase one… to Canon???
    Please someone “update” me on Mr. ShaBaaang! I must have missed all the “switching” action! ;)

    I remember him causing a big stink on the web when he “went” to Phase One gear…
    but WHEN/WHY did he go to the Canon Gear? Anyone know the reason behind that?

    Love this guy, talent and videos!

    | |
    • Steven Pellegrino

      I read elsewhere that this is his travel kit. I also understand in his studio he’s shooting with Hasselblad now. However I also heard that Canon gave him some gear, but don’t know if there’s any truth behind that.

      | |
    • Stephen Jennings

      I’d be terrified to let TSA anywhere near a PhaseOne!

      | |
  4. Tom Blair

    Enjoyed the video of Peter! Have to get one of those 1 tb drives

    | |
  5. Steven Pellegrino

    The thing about Peter Hurley is that no matter what he’s talking about, his enthusiasm is contagious. He could have been showing us 10 year old point and shoot cameras and I’d be completely into it.

    | |