If you have seen Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind the Headshot then you are likely familiar with his online web proofing website. Until recently the only way to get your hand on the same proofing website he was using was to get a similar service through his retouching service. That has changed and you can now sign up directly to get access to the same exact website proofing service Hurley used in his DVD.


To highlight the launch of the new web service, Hurley uploaded all of the headshots that he took at WPPI in Vegas this year to PhotoProofPro. The images were taken to highlight Hurley’s new Medusa lights (coming soon). To learn more about PhotoProof Pro head on over to their website to learn more about this new photo proofing service.


My Thoughts

I actually had the opportunity to test PhotoProofPro back when it was in beta testing, and I liked it – but since it was still in beta and sort of unstable I ended up sticking with ShootProof. Now that the service is live – and the beta issues have been addressed – I think I may look into it again.

The online proofing market sure is getting crowded! What do you guys think? Are there too many of these photo proofing services popping up? Let us know in a comment below.