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Pet Photographer Larry Johnson Specializes in Purrrfect Portraits of Cats

By Max Bridge on October 2nd 2015

The Purrtraitist from No Problem on Vimeo.

When I saw this video, I could not help but share it with you all. Larry Johnson is a pet photographer based in the US with over 20 years of experience. Larry photographs pets of all shapes and sizes; be they 4 or 2 legged, cute or creepy.

In this documentary, directed by Mark Zemel, we see Larry at a Cat Show photographing people’s beloved pets.  This entire world is completely alien to me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge animal lover but have never been tempted to “show” my dog anywhere. In fact, he’d be more likely to show me up then win any awards. It’s this lack of knowledge that drew me into the documentary.


Without a doubt, people love their pets. (Often too much but that’s a separate subject). As many of us can appreciate when we love something that intensely, we want to capture it on camera; that’s where Larry comes in. The documentary shows Larry at one of the many Cat Shows he visits as he photographs some of the beautiful felines.

travelling-cat-photographyAside from being fascinated by a world that feels so far from my own, it was captivating to watch Larry work with the animals. In a silly way, it made me think about photographing children; an activity I often do. Just like animals, children cannot usually be posed and so I have to find inventive ways to get the shot I envision. I certainly wouldn’t use Larry’s methods on a child, but he definitely has considerable skill in this department.



I hope you enjoy this cute and light-hearted documentary. You can find examples of Larry work on his website here.

[Via PetaPixel]

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