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The Perfect Selfie Every Time

By Leujay Cruz on April 9th 2014


Mirror, mirror on the wall – please take the most perfect selfie of them all.


Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine

That’s what the team at iStrategy Labs called their newest experiment. S.E.L.F.I.E. is an automated photo machine able to take your picture and immediately post it on Twitter. Just stand at the marked location in front of the stealthy mirror-like unit and the facial recognition software will calculate to produce the perfect selfie. Then the image will automatically be posted to Twitter.


iStrategy Labs is aiming to help solve the typical problems when taking a traditional selfie. Things like, angling your phone the correct way, having enough reach so your image doesn’t look too distorted or reaching your finger around to hit the button without shaking your perfectly framed selfie.


This device allows the user to take a hands-free photo that requires no printing. After the user is positioned correctly, the facial recognition software is initiated causing the hidden LEDs into a countdown. A Mac Mini hidden within the mirror’s medicine-like cabinet powers the facial recognition software and is also currently programmed to post to Twitter, with a branded logo (iStrategy Labs logo, currently).

[REWIND: Selfie is Now in the Dictionary]


Wedding photographers might be thinking photobooth.

No attendant, automated everything, instant posting on social media with a branded logo. What’s the catch?

The facial recognition software and the system attached used to detect faces is an extra cost from a normal photobooth setup. Is this cost the difference between hiring a photobooth attendant? Even with the contemporary looking unit and the ‘cool’ factor it possesses, I’m not sure the cost is worth it for wedding photographers.

As a glorified selfiebooth, I think it’s a little excessive, but that’s coming from someone that doesn’t participate in many selfies so I might not be the correct target market. My big question is can it do the same thing with multiple people or large groups? It’s lack of portability compared to that of a cell phone and it’s overall cost would probably make it more useful for concerts, special events, and other types of large corporate social-media promotions.

Check out the ‘how-to’ vid below.

{via pk / iStrategy Labs}

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Leujay is a full time wedding photographer with Lin & Jirsa Photography and a freelance runway fashion photographer. He currently lives in Palm Desert with his wife and two dogs. When he’s not enjoying quality family time he fancies himself as a work-in-progress world traveler.

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  1. Henry

    doesn’t look like the photos look that great, should’ve made those two strips of led’s as a light source for cool catch light.

    | |
  2. Hanssie

    Gotta love the selfies!

    | |
  3. Justin Lin

    Pretty cool little invention

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