I guess I am just old fashioned but I like my Camera’s black. So I just don’t understand why I am reading about Pentax coming out with 15 new color options for their K-30 DSLR. Nikon tried this with its lower end DSLRs, and to my knowledge it never really gained any traction. Apparently these “all the colors of the rainbow” camera bodies are popular in places outside of the US, so I guess they are hoping that it catches on here.


I’m sorry Pentax, but I just don’t see it happening. Though I will admit that I rather like the black and white “Storm Trooper” looking body, but I would still prefer an all-black body if given the choice. Maybe if they started doing this sort of thing on high end DSLRs it could catch on, but so long as its only the lower end bodies that have these color options then people will stay away from them for one big reason. It is basically telegraphing to the world that you have a mid to low end body.

Photographers today like to give off the appearance that we are professionals, be it true or not, and if you are running around with a bright yellow camera body that is a dead giveaway that you are not using a pro-body.  That is my opinion anyways, and it’s also the number one reason why I would never get one of these custom color options.

What do you guys think? Are custom colors a nice option or a gimmick for amateurs? Let us know in a comment below.

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