There were a lot of announcements this week leading into next week’s CP+ Expo in Japan. Pentax announced their new ‘in-development’ full frame DSLR, and according to a new rumor, they will announce their latest K-S model, the K-S2, next week.


The original K-S1 was only announced last August, and has not even been on shelves a year. Some think that the K-S2 may be a replacement/upgrade for the K-S1, but I am not sure I buy that. I think it is more likely that this could be some sort of camera that sits higher on the totem pole than the K-S1. But, who knows.

We don’t have any rumored specs for the camera yet, but we do have leaked images…

Pentax-K-S2-camera Pentax-K-S2-camera-back

The first thing you will notice is the distinct difference in appearance vs the previous K-S1 models. Gone are the trippy LED lights, and futuristic styling, in their place is a more standard SLR. Maybe Pentax just realized no one liked the K-S1 design, and so the K-S2 is sort of wiping the slate clean, so to speak.

At any rate, we will know soon enough. Next week should be fun for us Gear Acquisition Addicts.

[via Photo Rumors]