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Pelican Case Sale | Over 30% Off For Limited Time

By Kishore Sawh on July 10th 2018

In case you weren’t aware, Amazon Prime Day is around the corner. 6 days from today, to be exact. And in the run-up to that day there are a host of deals going on that last only a very short amount of time, so if you’re interested we advise you to jump on them. And today? Pelican Case.

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If you’ve ever researched how to safely transport your gear, you’ve undoubtedly come across the Pelican brand. These cases are light-weight, highly impact resistant, and water resistant. They are essentially the de-facto standard for storing and moving around with camera gear.

However, they aren’t just protection for a photographers most prizes possessions. Pelican cases can also be found transporting the gear of professionals in the military, aerospace field, and Emergency Medical Services among others, and they can get expensive. For the next few hours though, many of them are on steep discount, including the photographer favorite Pelican 1510 with dividers.

Here’s a list of the best options on sale for photographers:

Pelican 1610 Case With Foam (Black)

Pelican 1510 Case With Padded Dividers (Black)

Pelican 1660 Case With Foam (Black)

Pelican 1300 Camera Case

Pelican 1440 Camera Case With Foam (Yellow)

Pelican 1300 Camera Case With Foam (Silver)

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  1. Karl Austin

    Not been impressed with my 1560SC – the dividers pull and eventually deform, leaves a 3/4-1″ gap at one side of the case for everything to bang about.  Had a replacement set of dividers as I thought they were defective, turns out it’s just normal.  I’ve gone for a MaxCase with pick and pluck for my 2nd case, saved a boatload of cash and nothing rattles about now.  I’d say it’s about 85-90% as good as a Peli.

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