Peak Design Slide and Clutch First Look and Review

July 17th 2014 1:10 PM

Peak Design continues its pattern of innovation with their new products: the Slide, the Clutch, and the Anchor Links, available now on Kickstarter. We were sent a few prototypes and we wanted to present you with a first look at what might be the best camera carrying solution on the market.

The Giveaway

We also wanted to give one of these prototypes away, so be sure to check out how to enter at the bottom of this article. Before we get to that, here are some of the most notable features of these new products.

Versatility of the Sling

The world of camera straps is crowded, but the main thing other existing solutions lack is versatility. Check out the following video I made on the SLR Lounge Instagram Account. Since Instagram videos are limited to 15 seconds, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate 3 different configurations in a short amount of time. The starting configuration is the sling, followed by the strap configuration, followed by the entire system mounted to a tripod.

As a wedding photographer, I love having the camera around my neck during shoots for camera safety and quick camera accessibility. With a One Bag carrying my lenses and a camera strap around my neck, I feel like I have everything right at my fingertips.

However, when I enjoy my street and travel photography, I like using a camera sling, as slings are a little more casual and feel more comfortable. Using the Peak Design Slide along with Anchor links, this modular system can quickly and securely convert from a sling to a strap in seconds.

Arca Swiss Mount


The connection plate of the Peak Design Slide is compatible with ARCA-type tripod heads, allowing you to mount your camera to a tripod without unscrewing anything. This is absolutely essential for our style of photography, as we are heavy users of our tripods during our wedding and travel photography for HDRs, Long Exposures, and Composites. The biggest issue with some competitors like the Spyder Holster or the Rapid Strap is that they connect at the bottom of the camera, requiring you to unscrew the system prior to attaching a tripod mount. Peak Design’s innovative solution to this issue is one of the Sling’s best features.

Anchor Links | Quick Secure Connection

peak-design-anchor-linksThe versatility and ease-of-use is all made possible by the Anchor Links. These small, low-profile clips allow for quick changes in the configuration and work with almost any existing camera strap. So if you absolutely can’t part with your old camera strap, you can still use the Anchor links to attach and detach the strap often and quickly. According to Peak Design, they can withstand 200lbs of force, an incredible amount for such a small clip.

Quick Adjustements

The next notable feature is the unique mechanism for adjusting the length of the Slide. Being able to easily adjust the length within seconds (and have that specified length stay throughout the shoot) is a nice luxury, especially compared to the cumbersome feeding and pulling adjusting method of classic camera straps.


The last feature I’ll mention is comfort. The Slide is smooth on one side and grippy on the other, giving you two options. The smooth and seamless padded webbing feels much nicer on your skin than harsher leathers and nylons that other straps use.

The Clutch

The other product being released, besides the Slide and the Anchor Links, is The Clutch. Like the Slide, the Clutch is quick connecting, so you can put it on and take it off quickly. A similar adjusting system is used so you can tighten and loosen it quickly for your comfort. The build and quality are excellent, and like the slide, you can mount your camera directly to a tripod without unscrewing anything.


More Info and Conclusion

I tried to come up with a list of cons to balance out the review, but honestly I couldn’t think of any. I’ll be personally using these products for all of my shoots going forward and will report back if there are any issues over the long run. But based on the design and company reputation, I don’t anticipate having any. I can easily give it 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’re interested in the official video, I’ve included it below.

The Giveaway!

The best part about this review is that Peak Design has agreed to give away a set of preproduction units to one of our readers. Simply comment below with your thoughts and we’ll randomly select a winner July 31st, 2014 to receive 1) The Slide 2) The Clutch and 3) Anchor Links. Possible comments might include what feature you’re most excited about, what you don’t like about your current strap, or your overall thoughts on the product in general. We want to keep it very loose and fun. The giveaway is open internationally. Enjoy!


Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

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  1. Sean Tan

    Sounds really good. I’m pretty sure it’s gna be very good with my Sony A7R. It will make a good couple.

    | |
  2. fotodonatas 1200px.jpg
    Donatas Vaiciulis

    Great product and promotional video !

    | |
  3. Cover.jpg
    Mark Romine

    So who’s got one of these and done a review?

    | |
  4. IMG_6412.jpg
    Keith Sheridan

    Gavin, this was done as of 7/31/14. Don’t hold your breath.

    | |
  5. image.jpg
    Gavin Berry

    Just too many people loving this product for me to have much of a chance, none the less, here is my entry – just in case!

    | |
  6. My latest photo.jpg
    Robin Lendrum

    Well thought-out products, designed for the real world. I’m very impressed with their complete line-up!! (Y) (Y)

    | |
  7. Scott Ditzel

    Looks like something I’d like for one of my cameras…

    | |
  8. icnnreport.jpg
    Mark Mirandilla

    take my moooonnnneeeeeyyyy!!!!

    | |
  9. Vincent Browne

    Well, I’m sold. Great product and promotional video to go along with it.

    | |
  10. _DSC0070-Edit1.jpg
    Kurk Rouse

    think i’ll wait a while

    | |
  11. Stata_343-4.jpg
    Barry Cunningham

    Been using the Op/Tech system for a few years now, which is a similar design, attaching to the camera’s existing strap mount points and providing a system of quick disconnects. Usually find myself using the wrist strap 95% of the time. It is not really comfortable to shoot with the camera attached to the sling.

    | |
  12. profilePic800.jpg
    Chuck Eggen

    Purchased the Capture Pro on Kickstarter and now this looks interesting.

    | |
  13. 10428362_10203462581822258_356733532827272839_o.jpg
    Eric Deschamps

    I’ve just backed their project by sponsoring the upcoming ‘clutch’. Can’t wait to strap it up!

    | |
  14. Hani Ers

    I have a couple of Capture systems from Peak Design which I love. I also admire the way the founder has come over and again to kickstarter to fund his new products. It is great to to have this direct relation without the fat cats in the middle having a piece of the pie and getting even fatter!
    I have tried a number of hand straps before and they were all difficult to put on and off. The only exception is the Cotton Carrier strap which is actually pretty good. Still, having this system that also plays well with the Capture system is priceless. Pre-ordered two. Can’t wait!

    | |
  15. keith craine

    I would really like to give this a shot. The tripod integration of the strap is the one that seals the deal for me.

    | |
  16. 621761_10151659286906647_1953540503_o.jpg
    Austin Swenson

    I am not the first one to praise Peak Design for the way their products work, but I won’t be the last to admit that these are a much more affordable option than other brands and the build quality is second to none. If wishes were made of camera gear and accessories, these would be on my wish list.

    | |
  17. Andrew Khoo

    would love to have it! my current strap is old.

    | |
  18. Petya Kostadinova

    I’m sure it’s going to be more comfortable than the default strap! Looks awesome .. !

    | |
  19. Trey Profile-1.jpg
    Trey Mortensen

    My buddy has this system and he loves it. I would love the versatility between tripod and carrying

    | |
  20. Sara Hudock

    I’ve been following this system from the beginning on Kickstarter and can’t wait to get it! I love using a sling, but my small frame means most are too long. I make due for now with the Black Rapid, but adjusting it is a nightmare and it slides off all the time. Peak Design hit this one right out of the park. I’m excited to get my hands one and will be among the first in line when it’s finally released!

    | |
  21. Scott Means

    I have had a blackrapid strap and more traditional straps in the past. The biggest issue I had with both of these was the annoyingly complex method of adjustment. I preferred the blackrapid to the traditional as it puts the weight of the camera on the shoulder as opposed to the neck, but having to unscrew it to use a tripod was irritating. This looks like it could solve all of my grievances in one fell swoop.

    | |
  22. Jan-Christian Kaspareit

    As my current strap attaches to the sides of the camera i always get the strap in front of the viewfinder when lifting the camera. I really need a bottom plate to attach a strap to.
    Love the features of the Slide.

    | |
  23. Wheat test.jpg
    Bryan Rodriguez

    Received their CapturePro with the Dual mount plate last week and took it out for a test run. Awesome. I did not hesitate to click it on while wading in a river. Had complete trust that it would hold my camera, and it did. If these products are coming from the same people, I can’t wait to try them out!

    | |
  24. Nathan Lin

    This is definitely one of the coolest straps out there! Back in the day, I was tempted to buy a CarrySpeed Strap, but I never got the chance before they closed their camera strap business due to legal issues. However, this seems to have all the functionality of the CS strap and more!

    | |
  25. Sean Tas

    The design looks great and very dynamic. I personally lean towards clutching my camera, as I don’t like the feel of the camera strap around my neck, but I often have to wrap the strap around my wrist and I have to do it a few times to get a proper grip. It’s not ideal at all and I have never thought about purchasing a new strap, but I think I might have to with Peak Designs new straps. They look absolutely comfortable and simply designed.

    | |
  26. Steve Ngo

    I used the Crumpler Industry disgrace strap and it is nice with the padding. However, it will be nicer to have quick release clips.

    Anyway, I follow their Kickstarter and it looks like a great project to pledge even if you don’t win.

    | |
  27. Marcel Nieuwenhuis

    I believe camera manufacturers (at least Nikon) could spend more attention to the versatility of their camera straps. I am always fighting with mine when moving from the studio to outdoors and back. The straps are difficult to remove in the studio and a pain in the back to keep on the camera. I bought an after market strap that was supposed to allow me easy removal of the strap, bit had two problems. First the security mechanism was soo cumbersome that I still ended up spending precious (and very annoying) minutes attempting to remove the strap. Second, after removing the (main) strap, it leaves a piece of strap attached to the camera that is large enough to get caught in the tripod head or hang in front of the lans or camera buttons when working.

    I am soo happy to see you guys nail the solution to the exact problems I have been facing for the past few months! I am a fan and soon will be a customer.

    | |
  28. Micheal Gionta

    What is there not to like?

    | |
  29. 72598_10153045396975068_1539255901_n.jpg
    Lanza Coffin

    I currently am using the strap that came with the camera that I am now using and it is quite cumbersome and time consuming maneuvering the camera during shoots, especially weddings, as moments are fast paced and should you not react fast enough, the moment is lost. I applaud the creatives at Peak Design for their product and based on the review and the video alone, I would very much like to be a proud owner of the products as it would give me peace of mind, that my camera is secure, as well as the flexibility I need while working on the job. Great stuff!!!

    | |
  30. Nikolay Yordanov

    I’m thinking of backing this project, but I’m still trying to figure out whether or not it is possible to use the slide with a backpack on or under a coat. Other than that it looks better than other straps.

    | |
  31. Me2014.jpg
    Michael Stagg

    These products look AWESOME! I’ve been a fan of Peak Design since their 1st Kickstarter project! Their products are always function, trendsetting and just what I’m looking for; it’d be great to get this as a late birthday present! LBVS

    | |
  32. JKP_ThumbsUp.JPG
    John Priest

    I have the Black Rapid R Sport strap, would love to see a comparison review amongst these two!
    Count me in on this strap/hand strap system for sure!

    | |
  33. Cyril Ng

    I’m currently using a Bosstrap with connectors to the side if the camera I modified buy it doesn’t have the quick-release feature that the Peak one has. I also love the quick adjustment capability.

    I can’t wait to get one!

    | |
  34. Cameron Gardner

    Both of these look super useful, would love to put them to good use!

    | |
  35. C S

    The slide looks amazing

    | |
  36. Sean Machanda

    The Capture Pro is pretty amazing. Their Leash is too thin to use comfortably with a larger DSLR, but the Slide looks perfect. Can’t wait to get mine.

    | |
  37. Nicklas Abrahamsson

    I just like how everything works together. All the pieces can easily be used or not used as you need them.

    | |
  38. GPR avatar for photo sites.jpg
    Dick Raymond

    This system looks to be Light years ahead of the bulky and flimsy system that I now use. It also looks far more secure and safe than my present system.
    I think it would be even more awesome to use if it had the Dual shoulder holster type of system so I could carry and use 2 or more cameras at a time without shoulder fatigue!

    | |
  39. 173822_1203204416_6161802_n.jpg
    Matt Kowalski

    I’m most interested in having a complete set that works together. The slide and the clutch as well as the capture pro. Great looking set of products!

    | |
  40. P1000317-1.JPG
    Bill Lynn

    I have not tried any of the products yet. The one thing that impresses me most about all of their products is the focus that everything they offer makes it easier to have your equipment with you wherever you go. And I will be ordering from them soon. But first I will wait to see if I win the drawing! :)

    | |
  41. Frank Kohn

    I used the first peak strap almost exclusively after it came out and have anchors on all my equipment, binoculars and flash power supply included.. After a 6 hour shoot my neck and shoulder were killing me and I wrote Peak about making a pad for the strap. This was in the works and I’m chomping at the bit to get it and take the strain off my shoulder and neck.

    | |
  42. My Headshot.jpg
    Cheryl Fils-Aime

    Love it! I love to wear my camera in sling mode but find it cumbersome with the strap attached to the sides of the camera. Genius idea to attach the strap to the bottom of the camera leaving the camera body free! And then the added bonus of being able to adjust the length of the strap on the quick! Brilliant! When available for sale ~ I’m you’re first customer!

    | |
  43. Lisa Anderson

    Looks like such a great system – would love to give it a try!

    | |
  44. Brock Riggs

    I’m glad to read that they are comfortable–something you cannot necessarily tell by just looking at them.

    I’m excited about the adjustability. When I use my (inexpensive) strap, I constantly change how i’m carrying my camera on my shoulder (e.g., in front of or behind my body), and so I’m constantly wanting to adjust the strap but have never bothered trying because I know it’s not practical with the strap I have. So this would be perfect! Also, I do love the looks and design.

    | |
  45. Ned Dickert

    what if you don’t use an ARCA type tripod mount?

    | |
  46. ken van winkle

    This would be great to have. So often I would remove my camera strap if it was easier to do. This would be a great solution! Hope I win one

    | |

    The only thing missing is a way to carry two bodies.

    | |
  48. David Farr

    Would be a good addition to my camera.

    | |
  49. Amber Langerud

    This looks like an amazing camera strap system, love it and would love to try it!

    | |
  50. hizz.jpg
    Simon Hill

    Looks great with lots of control

    | |
  51. Avatar-Camera644px.jpg
    Michał Obuchowski

    that looks like a pretty neat solution!

    | |
  52. Robert T

    This looks good on paper (display). I am curious how those clamps work in reality.

    | |
  53. Titus Feiereisz

    Great stuff especially for those having to care the equipment for many hours. Good job!

    | |
  54. Akira Schüttler

    I use the peak design capture clip and the leash on a regular basis and they are absolutely phenomenal. Well thought and super versatile. It would be awesome if I could check out their new products, they seem to be a perfect for my dslr bodies.

    | |
  55. Tom Bogan

    I personally use a rapid strap design sling. It becomes a pain when you want to put the camera on a tripod. This system appears to solve that situation.

    | |
  56. Pablo Quiroz

    I love the super easy adjustments. It is one of the things I most hate about the canon one.

    | |
  57. Liz Lee

    It seems to make a shoot flow easily!

    | |
  58. Ben Lertsakdadet

    I currently use a Herringbone hand strap and find it inconvenient to have to constantly tighten and loosen the strap according to what I am trying to do with my camera. The Clutch looks to have that all figured out!

    | |
  59. Bruce Park

    I once owned different clutch and of course didn’t like it. So, would like to try out the clutch. I also see maybe I can use this for different products around my home.

    | |
  60. Me.jpg
    Martyn Cook

    Love the look of the easy transfer from strap/sling to tripod. That’s a winner for me.

    | |
  61. Jonathan Pileot

    Sounds excellent! My wrist strap is excellent, I prefer it to the hand straps, and I affixed lobster clasps to make it fast to attach / detach but I’m not confident about their strength. The new Peak strap looks pretty slick and the quick release clips are pretty swag.

    | |
  62. Wendy Wang

    It looks like it’s really easy to adjust the length of the strap, which is something my current strap doesn’t offer, so I love that feature.

    | |
  63. Facebook Profile Photo
    Serkan Butun

    I have been looking for a strap like the clutch for awhile. I really like the simple strap adjust function. Can’t wait!

    | |
  64. Spencer Scott

    I’ve tried a bunch of straps, but never really found one I was completely happy with. This looks like a good contender and would enjoy giving this a try.

    | |
  65. Kim O’Brien

    I would love this. The slide looks like it would take the weight of the camera away from my neck and keep it from bouncing around. The clutch is awesome. I use a hand strap now but between it and the neck strap they can get tangle up at times but I need the extra security of both since I never know when my hands will decide to no longer hold something. This system would be a terrific addition to my kit.

    | |
  66. Amit Chippa

    Strong, Sturdy, Quick, Easy, User-friendly, Multi-tasking, Good looking!
    Getting all these with this Slide Clutch strap.
    Cant resist!
    Current strap lacks many of those properties covered here, a Win-Win product by Peak.

    | |
  67. David Nguyen

    I LOVE PEAK DESIGN’S EQUIPMENT. They make everything to where you want to use your DSLR/camera consistently so it’s just not sitting on the shelf. Can’t wait to pick up one of these bad boys!

    | |
  68. IMG_3544.JPG

    These two new products seem to set the bar high enough to soar above the competition. Can’t wait to try them!

    | |
  69. Adrian Petrica

    If it’ll work as in the video above, it will be a really nice piece of equipment.

    | |
  70. 20140703 (51) - Copy.JPG
    Daniel Gibson

    Wow! This is so cool!! I only have my standard camera strap and it can be so frustrating if you need to quickly take your camera off your neck or off tripod. I love the strap, even allowing you to actually hold the camera in one hand :) Its amazing the stuff that you can find today, we humans are clearly becoming more intelligent every day ;)

    | |
  71. DSC08964-85.jpg
    Gregory Davidson

    When the kickstarter campaign started the “clutch” really peaked my interest (no pun intended). I have bout a couple grip straps in the past but never really used them because either they were too tight for use… or too loose for safety. I personally would be interested in a hybrid clutch/slide.

    | |
  72. Modi Szabolcs

    That clutch looks pretty interesting and helpful accesorie!

    | |
  73. Nikhil Kaul

    Would love to try this out in person!

    | |
  74. bwprofile.jpg
    Eric Sharpe

    This will be the next purchase I make.

    | |
  75. Mark Walker

    Can’t wait for mine to arrive… I have a Luma Labs strap which is a bit similar in concept but doesn’t lock or quick release.

    | |
  76. george thomas

    clutch design feels way more comforting,
    love to get hands on it

    | |
  77. _DSC2632sm.jpg
    Dav Akers

    The sling appeals to me because my strap setup is always bouncing around as I hike up hills and stroll down into the valleys…always looking for the great shot.

    | |
  78. Valknut-(betyr slain warrios på Norse).svg.png
    Jan-Roger Olsen

    Have been excited since I first saw the kickstarter. It looks like it will be the best strap out there when it comes. I’m absolutely getting myself one of those in the future. And its going to be a HUGE upgrade from the canon strap that came with the camera. My only concern is that the plate kinda looks under dimensioned for tripod use.

    | |
  79. IMG_6412.jpg
    Keith Sheridan

    Been looking for a nice convertible strap. This could be good.

    | |
  80. McElmury_Avatar.jpg
    Daniel McElmury

    It’s all about the clutch and the ability to transfer to a tripod quickly for me! Thanks for sharing!

    | |
  81. david superville

    i’m a big dude and have lots of trouble finding a slingstyle strap that will comfortably fit me. do you think this can adjust far enough?

    | |
  82. Facebook Profile Photo
    Todd Williams

    Would be stoked to use this, I’m an automotive photographer and at shows i often have to switch how i am holding my camera and would love to just unclip and reclip when necessary.

    | |
  83. Marcos Han

    awesome review!
    It seems so versatile and easy to use!
    I was thinking in buying peak’s strap for a while, but I was a little afraid of buying without testing it, so thanks SLRLounge!

    | |
  84. Facebook Profile Photo
    Florian Hofbauer

    Hi, I’ve been using the Peak Design Cuff for quite a while now and am quite happy with it. I fixed it to an L-bracket at the bottom of the cam. So there is NOTHING AT ALL at the top right of the camera body and the space where the fingers rest next to the shutter button is clear and not obstructed by anything (I guess I have a phobia of things dangling close to the shutter button…).

    I also like that I can un-fasten the cuff – then the small thing on the L-bracket is very unobtrusive, there is no problem with using on arca swiss clamps as it is pointing sideways.

    Sometimes I use the cuff as a double security when working on tripod (it already saved my gear once an arca clamp was not 100% tightened….).

    I’m quite excited that Peak Design is upcoming with more cool stuff. Though I see one problem with the clutch: Seems you can easily and quickly fix/unfix it to the longish hole on Canon bodies. But with Nikon bodies (and only a very small hole, I don’t like and usually remove this little danling triangle thingy…) I think one has to think of an adapter between body and Clutch!??

    Keep up with the cool stuff! :)

    | |
  85. Anil Hirani

    Love this design will be waiting for my order to arrive!!! I wonder if you could use the strap as a replacement for my work sling bag….hmmm interesting! Use the anchor links it could work well!!

    | |
  86. André Guerreiro

    i’ve been looking really hard for a strap and this one fills my every need and its very unique and being arca swiss compatible its just the icing on the cake

    | |
  87. IMG_87522.jpg

    Woooow i love the idea and implementability of the strap …. it would sure be great to have one for my landscape photography in the plains of Kenya

    | |
  88. Georg Spandl

    Peak Design products are awesome. New Slide and Clutch will proceed the success of this young and innovative company for sure. Would be great if more European dealers would carry Peak Design products!

    | |
  89. Dennis Chen

    As a taller person and preferring to wear my current camera in a sling, the aspect that really appeals to me about this system is the easy adjusting of length from sling to tripod. Would love to get my hands on one.

    | |
  90. Emily Buerger

    I love these new ideas!! I cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

    | |
  91. Nguyen Nguyen

    I lurve Peak Design. I own the original Capture Clip which I use all the time. I have also just ordered a Cuff which I can’t wait to try out. The Slide looks fantastic and I would love to see how it compares with my Black Rapid. From what I see so far, it looks like it’ll be ditching the black rapid very soon.

    | |
  92. 10344082_10202793090125693_3689196505900475620_o.jpg
    Vanessa Gonzales

    My current strap that came with my camera has worked well for me except when it comes to telephoto lenses. Can’t wait to support this project on Kickstarter!

    | |
  93. 902842_287183838081602_2054753270_o.jpg
    heri purnanto


    | |
  94. Manlio Dell’Antonia

    In my opinión the best feature is the possibility of adjust the strap’s lenght quickly.

    | |
  95. Kim Patrick

    The hand strap is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Been looking at others that are similar but I think I’m sold on this one!

    | |
  96. Matthias Steinbeck

    looks like extremly well engineered products, especially the clutch could find a home with me

    | |
  97. 10014911_10152404275832249_728766445_n.jpg
    Evan McCosham

    Looks really well designed and attractive – MUCH WANT!

    | |
  98. logo_sprinted.jpg
    James Benavides

    I am new photography, but I try and use my camera everyday. After watching these videos, I realize how much easier my life would be with one of these products.

    | |
  99. Fritz Prohaska

    I’ve only been using the strap that came with my camera (beginner). This article has opened my eyes to the variety of straps. I like the padded sling the best as I can stabilize it when I’m hiking (and the padding would likely reduce chafing).

    | |
  100. 10255137_10202556767095351_3613616784253690824_n.jpg
    Rafael Cruz

    This looks interesting . Im interested to see how the weight from a 70-200 would react with the clips I have used the original camera strap and a black rapid straps but I always ended up taking it off and just carrying the camera bare anyway. I just want something that’s perfect. I hope the versatility of this strap can stand up to my indecisiveness

    | |
  101. Joe-Hurley-PRO-Headshot-Retouched2.jpg

    I’ve been a fan of the original Camera Strap and can’t wait for this new version!

    | |
  102. _MG_0086.JPG
    Javier Jimenez

    In photography being able to have the camera ready for the right shot is very crucial. This amazing product brings efficiency to the table. The quick connect system is brilliant and the clutch seems flawless. I do not have a system in place like this and would enjoy having this as part of my shooting arsenal. Cant wait for this to hit the stores!

    | |
  103. Didier Won-Shoo-Tong

    Nice innovation and nice design, I like the 3 in 1 in the Slide and the quick adjustment system, the Clutch looks like very handful too.
    Really need to get a new camera strap to replace the too uncomfortable original one!

    | |
  104. ME.jpg
    Tom Jackson

    Love how quick it can be switched. I do mainly travel and street photography, when i’m being stealthy i like to hold my camera in my hand with a hand strap in case i loose my grip. When i’m hiking and on the move I like to use a normal strap so my hands are free. Currently the process of switching takes forever and often i just put up with the strap dangling around getting in the way because i can’t face stopping to change. This is such a clever solution, can’t believe it’s not been done already!

    | |
  105. WP_20121217_006-001.jpg
    John Yu

    Really excited about this product. As a mechanical engineer, I know that designing robust mechanisms that are also compact and good looking is an art. The PD team looks like they put a properly good amount of work into this. (the quick strap adjustment on Clutch is clutch :P)

    | |
  106. Suzanne Offner

    This looks great – I need a strap that’s compatible with leaving the arca swiss mount on my camera.

    | |
  107. Greg-SIlver.jpg
    Greg Silver

    Agreed – the quick connect system and being able to quickly and securely adjust your strap on the fly looks so seamless and perfect! Would love a strap like this!

    | |
  108. Raymond Langer

    I love the looks of the strap. It will make taking pictures on the go much more handy!

    | |
  109. Facebook Profile Photo
    Reinis Inkens

    The whole system looks very useful. Default camera straps are a pain, especially after extensive use. Something like this would make the shooting process less stressful, not having to think about camera safety on a run and gun situation.

    | |
  110. Maxime Zopfmann

    look’s really nice but would look even better on my D7100 :)

    | |
  111. Joe_Marshall_Profile.jpg
    Joe Marshall

    I love peak design products, I think I have them all so far. I could really use the clutch! It’s perfect for how I shoot.

    | |
  112. DSC_0161-1.jpg
    Mark Sirc

    Looks really great. I just hope that the Clutch does not fall of the hand… :)

    | |
  113. Facebook Profile Photo
    Zach Locks

    I think this is a great idea. I’m concerned about how much weight it can support and the clips getting bumped and coming undone though. Sling straps allow the camera to move and rub against things pretty easily. So for a full day of shooting the risk of it getting hit just right is pretty high. I would like to try one of these straps out to see if they addressed this issue or not.

    | |
  114. Jeremy Ross

    Very excited for this product! Have been eyeing the black rapids for a long time, but these look so much better!

    | |
  115. Ruben Perez

    Nice system. I currently use a Black Rapid sling with a FastenR on the bottom of my manfrotto RC2 plate. This allows me to attach my camera to a tripod w/out having to unscrew anything as well. I’m happy with the system but I would love to incorporate a hand scrap (like the clutch) into this system w/out having to remove the plate / screw on the bottom of my body. I recognize I could add a grip to my body and accomplish this but I like the portability of my 5dmkiii w/out a grip. I haven’t found a good solution for that yet. This peak system seems to accommodate that nicely. Good job.

    | |
  116. 12832531_980763155294629_2053535881562619345_n.jpg
    Alex Lucas

    I love the hand strap. It looks a lot better than any other model I’ve seen. I’d love to have one!

    | |
  117. my pic by Raz.jpg
    Shai Bachar

    Beautiful product, beautiful video, beautiful people who made it happen :-)
    I own Joby sling strap, but now I want this one!

    | |
  118. Kim Johnston

    Maybe I will win, but I will also envy the winner.

    | |
  119. Smugmug Contact Photo Lo res.jpg
    Russ Stoeckel

    Since finding out I have arthritis, I’ve been looking for a good hand strap. Camera is getting harder to grip. This looks like it will work great.

    | |
  120. Jackie Wernberg

    This looks nifty. I get neck strain from the strap supplied with my camera. This would be great!

    | |
  121. Facebook Profile Photo
    Andrei Alexa

    This looks like the perfect carrying accesories ever. Very easy to use and very practical! I want one!

    | |
  122. Perry Lim

    The slide and clutch system looks like a dream to use, and to be able to use it on a tripod without having to change the plates is awesome. I still only use the original strap for both my cameras and this will be a definite upgrade.

    | |
  123. 20141005-DSC_0038-3-Edit.jpg
    Brian Stalter

    I would like the slide in conjunction with my BlackRapid strap. The clutch looks pretty nice as well – especially for times when I don’t plan to put the camera down.

    | |
  124. Geo Philips

    I am backing the Kickstarter and cant wait to get my hands on the slide!

    | |
  125. 19Feb2014 349.jpg
    Jamie Weston

    The Clutch looks awesome. I’d love to have a way to carry my DSLR safely without always relying on a shoulder strap. Not that I’d complain if I had the chance to use the other products!

    | |
  126. Nick Asaro

    Fantastic, finally a versatile strap, stop wasting time to change strap depending on the shooting situation, or give up to the tripod mount when using a sling!

    | |
  127. Ceara Oconnell

    Love the tripod mount – so much easier than unscrewing every time.

    | |
  128. Michel Levesque

    I own a BlackRapid Yeti strap. I really love it. But it is true, the camera wobbles a lot on the hip because it is attached only by one point, the tripod screw. I find myself working with my hand on the camera while moving around because it is sometimes uncomfortable.

    This strap has 2 attach points, whcih would solve my problem easy! I want one asap!

    | |
  129. Weijian Lim

    I’m waiting for this to be available locally here in Singapore! Currently I’m using old PD strap and a korean leather handstrap.

    Problem with the current PD strap is that the “buckle” is too small and width is too thin for my D800 with grip. It can’t hold the weight properly and keeps extending itself after walking awhile. The new strap looks like it will be the solution for heavy cameras.

    Also the handstrap that I have is not easily detachable. Like most handstraps you have to take like 5 mins to remove or adjust the length of the whole thing. When I travel I want to remove my vertical grip and the handstrap will become too long and I will need to adjust it. After adjusting it, if I go for assignments and want to use the vertical grip I spend more time trying to fix it back to the longer length. It’s so troublesome. Looking at what the new handstrap can do, I probably can adjust the length or remove it in a sec. This makes my life so much easier.

    | |
  130. Sammy Banawan

    I would love to win this! I already backed the Kickstarter but a second set wouldn’t hurt. I’m not a fan of my current sling because, like everyone else, screwing it into the tripod mount is a hassle. And having to stuff it into my camera bag isn’t the easiest with the strap attached. This strap system seems like a great solution.

    | |
  131. 121508638@N08_r.jpg
    Nowell Gusi

    Nice strap set-up! You can easily customize it the way you want it to be. I love how you can quickly adjust the slide to suite your shooting styles.

    | |
  132. Ken Yee

    I like the quick disconnects on the Slide.
    Sucks that they have to meet the $50 price point…former Capture supporters don’t need the extra plate and having the Slide be a bit cheaper wouldn’t hurt…

    | |
  133. Hannes-4.jpg
    Hannes Nitzsche

    Wow, i can hear the the photography community breathing a heavy sigh of relief! This is something I believe many photogs have been waiting and searching for. Especially the clutch looks interesting! Will definitely keep my eyes peeled for them, hope they’re available for purchase soon!! Thanks for the quick review and the giveaway – great idea!!

    | |
  134. Aaron Freebody

    Like the wider strap as my narrower version doesn’t fit quite so well, looks better.

    | |
  135. 10428362_10203462581822258_356733532827272839_o.jpg
    Eric Deschamps

    That Clutch looks pretty sweet. I love how it’s versatility lets the user work the camera without having to do and undo extra accessories each time new equipment is used. I’d buy it.

    | |
  136. IMG_8088.jpg
    Mads Helmer Petersen

    Must have ! I have been looking for something like this for a very long time , hope to receive one from ;-)

    | |
  137. Greg.jpg
    Greg Faulkner

    Looks like a really great versatile solution I really like how you can swap around the configuration so quickly. The Instagram video was a good example of how quick it is to swap around

    | |
  138. slr.jpg
    Rui Pinto

    Loved the quick adjustments! Well, loved the full package. It’s so quick! For wedding photographers like me, it’s a huge improvement.

    | |
  139. joshua flowers photography.jpg
    Joshua flowers

    Can’t wait to get my hands on these. I already own all the other peak products and love them!

    | |
  140. IMG_2966.jpg
    Isaak Kwok

    Love that the Slide can be used in 3 ways – as a shoulder strap, sling strap or neck strap

    | |
  141. Facebook Profile Photo
    Demetris Christodoulides

    I have both holdfast’s Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Strap and Matin Neoprene Fast-Access Strap (JU0242) but this might prove to be an even better and certainly more portable solution.

    | |
  142. kirk nakano

    can never have enough camera accessories!

    | |
  143. pdb.jpg
    Patrick Buan

    Clever. These guys keep innovating!

    | |
  144. Ace Wheelie

    This looks so amazing!

    | |
  145. Quan Vu

    Love the simplicity of the design.

    | |
  146. 2014-03-09-18-12-07-084.jpg
    Miikka Lattu

    Wow, finally a non-hassle solution! Base plate vs strap hook has been the eternal battle. Whenever you have the other attached, you need the other. And vice versa. Good looking functional gear. Nice design, too!

    | |
  147. SLRlounge.jpg
    Reynardt Badenhorst

    This gave me goosebumps! Finally a product with a practical solution for comfort and time saving, all with quality materials. I’m especially excited about the ‘Clutch Hand Strap’. Might even help keep your hand steady for shutter release.

    ….I was going to say they should design something for the belt like those ‘other guys’, but lo and be hold, just learned they’re the same guys!

    | |
  148. eu.jpg
    Marius Peter

    I think the Anchor links is an awesome feature

    | |
  149. Ulyana & Genya_00370.JPG
    tamás száraz

    Would be great to try it. Though the delivery from US to Hungary is not that easy. Maybe one day… :-)

    | |
  150. Dave Okada

    Been using hand straps forever. Can’t live without it. Only issue was everything out there’s the same and no style. Clutch is cool! Love the aluminum clasp, quick cinch and especially the red accent, nice touch. Perfect fit for my gear. Ordering two now!

    | |
  151. Jon Crowe

    Great looking and user-friendly strap system guys! I currently have (and love) my BlackRapid Yeti system that I use for a two-camera attack on weddings and events. But the one thing I don’t like about the BlackRapid systems is that when i disconnect the strap/sling from the camera, the hook that is still threaded into the 1/4″ hole on the bottom is still there, and the camera won’t sit level on a table anymore until I unthread it and remove it. Kinda frustrating.
    The clutch looks awesome, I think that is the part I am most interested in!

    | |
  152. Samuel L.

    The Clutch looks awesome. I should replace my cheap one with this one.

    | |
  153. IMG_4266_SquareSmall.jpg
    Kevin DeLorey

    The Slide and Clutch both look amazing. I’m planning on backing this Kickstarter for sure. Can’t think of any bad things about either product. I’m looking forward to the comfort and versatility of the Slide so much!

    | |
  154. _Y8A2706RB2b.jpg
    adam sanford

    The sling’s strap and adjustability looks pretty slick.

    I *really* love the quick and clean 1/4-20 thread + rubber washer of my BlackRapid, though, so I don’t know if this new design will get my money.

    | |
  155. Marah Anderson

    I’ve never used a hand strap but this one looks great! The design of the slide seems very useful too!

    | |
  156. dreamerphotos_nick_ross.jpg
    Nick van der Touw

    I’ve been looking for a decent hand strap forever! This looks like a great solution with superb build quality.

    | |
  157. 1507665_10151795741337001_257649613_n.jpg
    Corey Raiche

    I think this might give black rapid a run for their money. I own a Black rapid sport right now and its great, but it takes time to change out from one body to another if you don’t buy several of their brads for the strap. I like the versatility of this product and the ability to quickly switch from one thing to another or easily take one camera off your strap and add another one on. Great ideas.

    | |
  158. Brandi Heikkila

    This would be great for me. It’s hard to help get a horse standing just right when the camera is hanging at an odd angle from my neck.

    | |
  159. Facebook Profile Photo
    Robynn Winkelman

    I love the quick change design most of all. It would be great to be able to change from a neck strap to a hand grip instead of wrapping my neck strap a million times around my hand and twisting it up.

    | |
  160. 923413_10151591720504154_133196789_n.jpg
    Orlin Nikolov

    the clutch seems great! I want one

    | |
  161. Jennifer Wei

    This is awesome. Can’t wait to try it out and see what else they’re up to!

    | |
  162. Final-Logo.png
    Lori Gerads

    Oh, this would be so nice to have. Yes Please!

    | |
  163. zoidysanta.jpg
    Giules LeClerc

    This looks much more interesting than my Black Rapid straps or Spider Holster. Would love to use this.

    | |
  164. Jonathan Kim

    I’m practice both photography and cinematography, and its always a pain to take the strap off when I want to use a tripod/slider/rig. Very interested in seeing how the anchor prototypes can make this a much easier experience

    | |
  165. Brian Song

    I’ve been looking for a quick release type handheld grip ever since my dog chewed through my last one! The clutch looks like a winner! Hopefully it’ll come out before my trip to Europe this October/November!

    | |
  166. Facebook Profile Photo
    VR Kala

    I’ve been using their capturepro camera clip and cuff wrist strap by funding in kickstarter. I really love them both. I am super excited with the announcement of these new products. I would love to get one slide soon.

    | |
  167. Charlie Tadlock

    These are amazing! love the idea and innovation in the connection point for the sling but with there was a 1/4 20 mount in the base of the 1/4 20 screw in order to attach other tripod plates i.e. Vanguard.

    | |
  168. Daniel C

    Seems like something that will work really good, makes me think why I didn’t think of that? :)

    | |
  169. Yen Minns

    I can’t decide which of the three I love the most. What a great idea! Kudos to Peak Design!! My husband is 6’2″ and I’m 5’3″. Sometimes I give him my camera when we’re together, but we wouldn’t be able to share a hand strap and the neck strap is sometimes a little off too. This solves that problem!

    | |
  170. nikky_strobist.jpg
    Nick Viton

    The first thing I thought of is that you’re going to get a lot of comparisons with other brand camera slings. It’s clear that you’re making your line of products distinct from other by including features not available anywhere else. I admire the innovation. Looks promising!

    | |
  171. IMG_0628.jpg
    Hanna Bass

    Looks amazing! I’m an urban explorer in NYC and the clutch would be so incredibly helpful on my explorations. What a great product!!

    | |
  172. David Dominguez

    All the products seem good but the Clutch stands out for me. Seems like a trustworthy, firm, and sturdy hand grip for my camera!

    | |
  173. Andrew Alba

    People who designed the standard strap must hate the human race. Let’s just all agree this strap is going to be on everyone’s next “WANT” list, whether they win it, or not. Also, showing it’s versatility in a 16 second video?! ALL IN ONE TAKE?! Who should I write this blank cheque to?!

    | |
  174. Emily Swihart

    This is so great. I’ve been looking for a clutch and knowing there is something out there that would work seamlessly with a shoulder/neck strap is just genius. It’s well designed and appears to be extremely safe for keeping my camera in place. I am super excited about the instant tripod locking feature. Nothing wastes more time than getting your camera ready for the tripod, then a different strap, then locking it onto a slider for video. Seriously crossing my fingers I win this giveaway. :)

    | |
  175. Craig Pifer

    I think that this looks like a great strap system. I rarely use the strap around my neck. Due to my height, standard straps are just too short to put the camera at a comfortable position. I just wrap the strap around my wrist, and it works pretty well. I’ve looked at Black Rapid and similar straps, but just haven’t really had the money to spend on them when there are other things I’ve needed more. I would love to win this.

    | |
  176. Bart L

    I LOVE the idea of a handstrap! So many times, that’s all I want!

    | |
  177. Kathy Brewster

    Looks like a good solution. Would love a hand strap.

    | |
  178. Zando Escultura

    Hallelujah! Finally, here’s a system that can replace my sling strap, hand strap and dedicated tripod mount plate. I’ve been looking for a system like this for ages. It fits my 3 most important criteria: easy to switch from sling to hand strap; a strap that doesn’t get in the way of the tripod mount; and, a strap that can be rapidly removed and adjusted to fit my size and movement.

    | |
  179. Koen Hausmans

    I would love to try these out. :)

    | |
  180. Julie Buckner

    I really like all the products, but the Clutch would be a great on the soccer field!

    | |
  181. Becky Darsey

    I have been trying to find a strap that I think I would actually use. I do NOT like having my camera tethered around my neck using the strap that came with it, and I just haven’t found one I have been willing to chance the $70+ dollars to try out. That being said, I think the strap looks interesting and might be worth the try. I really like the way the anchors work as well. I currently use a hand strap and this one looks VERY interesting. I like the tighten feature that is fast and easy for when you are carrying the camera and not snapping pictures. That being said,

    | |
  182. Talv Bansal

    The Hand grip is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    | |
  183. Bill Clay

    Ooooohh!!!!! Pick me, pick me!!!’ This strap looks great!!!

    | |
  184. camille_0004-2.jpg
    Camille Wright Felton

    I got their Leash and Cuff during their last Kickstarter campaign. I love the quick release anchors. The Leash is more comfortable than I thought it would be, but I’m looking forward to the wider strap on the Slide.

    | |
  185. Roger Ho

    I am a event photographer and would love this.

    | |
  186. DSC_2192.jpg
    Nate Castner

    I’ve been a fan of peak design since I funded their original capture system on kickstarter. The capture clip lasted me many years before the locking mechanism got clogged with sand. I sent it in to see if they could service it (lifetime warranty!) and they ended up sending me a brand new redesigned model! Their customer service is too notch and they ingenuity is amazing. I love my capture clip and look forward to getting my hands on one of these new bad boys.

    | |
  187. _MG_7577.jpg
    Steven Lissemore

    Love this new strap system. My current strap has no flexibility for changing to other types, and it rubs on my neck even if I wear a jacket.

    | |
  188. Alain Intalan

    That’s awesome! Run N Gun! Pain free strap!

    | |
  189. Jennie Hodgen

    The clutch looks awesome! All of them have the look of being very user friendly and fast to transition for all needs

    | |
  190. Victor Pham

    Longtime SLR follower, first time commenter because I want to win the giveaway! But I’ll chime in with my thoughts — I currently have the Capture Clip V2 and I love it, however, their first iterations of a neck strap and hand strap, aptly named “Leash” and “Cuff”, have much to be desired. I’ve rarely used their Cuff product mainly because I wouldn’t dare leave a $3000+ investment dangling on a thin strap that hangs from my wrist — not to mention that my wrist would inevitably fracture if i did so. The Leash however is always on my camera but does chafe my skin/clothes sometimes and is thin as well causing lots of pressure points.

    I’m certainly hoping that Peak Design has upped the ante with their new product line. The Clutch seems to be a much better product as a hand-strap sorts and their new Slide seems thicker and easier to adjust than their previous Leash. Only time will tell when they finally produce these units.

    I’d love to test them though if you choose me as the winner :)

    | |
  191. Eu Camiseta Salmao.JPG
    Cesar Sanctis

    The Slide Strap seems to be great. With the capability of quickly securing and releasing the camera from/to the strap it seems like a dream! When you want to carry your camera, you just easily “plug” if back to the strap. If you want more flexibility, jut unplugged it and you have a free camera at your hands. The Clutch is my second favourite. So useful for quick sessions, where you just want the camera ready to go at any moment.
    Can’t wait to have one of those.

    | |
  192. mg.jpg
    Marco Gaspar

    I think this is just the most awesome strap I ever saw! Excellent!

    | |
  193. Peter_Square.jpg
    Peter Gray

    Currently, I don’t use a strap – I feel it gets in the way and isn’t that comfortable/versatile. The hand strap is the most appealing here (I know others make them too but I like this design). I’ve been hesitant of the BlackRapid and such to far too but the quick release clamps make me want to give this a shot. Looks like a great product overall!

    | |
  194. Scott Sheppard

    Anything that makes lugging around 6-8 pounds of camera and lens more comfortable always gets 5 stars!

    | |
  195. IMG_0608.jpg
    Jordan Buckway

    This seems really awesome. I need to get something other than the factory one that came with my camera.

    | |
  196. Jennifer Hahn

    I am so excited about all of these! I can t wait to try them! As a mother of young children, I can rarely carry all of my kids’ gear, my baby and manage to keep my camera accessible. So excited about these awesome products!

    | |
  197. Scott Haney

    These look amazing! The Clutch would be really nice to use.

    | |
  198. Nghia Bui

    This is Usableeeeeeee than the Cheap Strap that drop my camera I got on Ebay >__<

    | |
  199. Alan Bailward

    I’m a 3 time backer of Peak Design and have the clutch and slide on order already, but I’d give those up and even kick a puppy to get my hands on an early access version :)

    | |
  200. Dave McMurrin

    I’ve been using just the straps that came with my D300s and now my new D800, looked at other systems others are using and I’m just not sold on them. I like the way the tripod and the Clutch work, just wondering if its strong enough for a 400 2.8 w/a body?. Good luck everyone, but I hope I win. ( I’m broke after getting the D800).

    | |
  201. 565041_10201854793121862_78336530_n.jpg
    Drew Valadez

    I was going to purchase a CapturePro from them but saw the Clutch so I tried reading up on it. The only reason i researched on buying a CapturePro was that it could attach to a backpack strap for a trip to Italy I will be gone for 3 weeks in Sept! I stopped when I saw the Clutch won’t be available though till October. The only bad thing about both of those products is that I can’t have both before my trip in Sept!!! nutz.

    Oh well, CapturePro will be bought and a Clutch looks like a perfect mate for it to avoid the dangly Crumpler that gets in my way! Clutch looks like an awesome Xmas day idea to give to a family member for me… LOL!

    | |
  202. Kevin Rousseau

    Currently using paperclips and ‘string’ cheese to carry my camera, a professional strap would make me look less dorky…
    Gimmie, Gimmie…
    This seems like it would compliment my spyder holster system

    | |
  203. IMG_8007-Edit-2-square.jpg
    Josh Wheaton

    The Clutch hand strap looks awesome!

    | |
  204. 6868fa7e897389648d2321a37360f74d.jpg
    Matthew Gruber

    I really liked the example of them placing the camera onto the tripod and quickly detaching the straps. It made for a seamless transition.

    This is a seemingly small addition to your gear, but there is clearly a BIG payoff in being able to use your equipment the way you need to. The adjustable straps are a must for when you’re doing anything other than standing up straight…I love it all!

    | |
  205. Ryan Heatherly

    Not sure if my previous comment went through or not :|

    | |
  206. Ryan Heatherly

    I have been following this project on kickstarter since the beginning. I love this project, and i wish i could win the sling strap. It seems much more secure than the blackrapid straps :D

    | |
  207. Candace Traicoff

    Looks very comfortable and easy to use . Would love to add it to my equipment and make my photography outings easier on my body and know that my equipment is secure .

    | |
  208. Ariel Antonio

    I think this is a great product, I really like how easy it can go from the strap to the church to a tripod. My current hand strap is a little cumbersome

    | |
  209. Emily Martindale

    I LOVE this! The day I get one…no more wrapping my neck strap around my wrist! This will be perfect for live shows! I think it will be great for those split seconds when you need your camera right at eye level…seems like it will make reaction time much faster and will help ensure that the shot gets got!

    -Emily Martindale

    | |
  210. Rob Daman

    The slide looks promising. I like the fast length adjustment feature.

    | |
  211. Andy Pettman

    Love the Clutch. Been after such a strap. The only ones I’ve tried are not truly adjustable and feel like the bloods stopped flowing after a full day shooting. Can’t wait to get my hands on one

    | |
  212. Andrea Crestani

    I need something like these for my camera. They look quite comfortable.

    | |
  213. Rey McGehee

    These would be great. The sling would help keep me from hitting my dogs in the head with my camera when I bend over.

    | |
  214. Richard Fletcher

    One hand strap adjustment looks great and will hold the camera tight to my body when required. My Blackrapid sport just doesn’t so easily move the camera out of the way.

    | |
  215. Raul Correa

    I have been looking to change the strap that came with my camera and this looks so much better. I really like how easy is to adjust and how comfortable it looks. Also like how easy is to detach it from the camera.

    | |
  216. IMG_0110 copy 2s.png
    Hillary Joy

    I’ve been wanting to go to a clutch type strap! Looks like this one would be a great way to start :)

    | |
  217. Brent Harrison

    Wow, I lover his system. I have been waiting for it to come out. It sure beats my current strap/sling. One way or another, I need this for my camera!

    | |
  218. Jennifer Victor

    I was just looking at these the other day and I LOVE them!! I currently have a Rapid Strap and I really like the sling design, but definitely hate that it blocks my tripod mount. I also have a Canon hand strap and am constantly having to check it to make sure it’s not about to slide right off……I almost dropped my camera with the 70-200 on it because of this strap and would really like to replace it with this.

    | |
  219. Fahim Chowdhury

    I have been looking at the Peak design products for a while now. They look really promising and really useful. As a wedding phorographer, these products would really come in handy.

    | |
  220. Ted Roberson

    I like the Peak Design products. I really like the Anchor Links. A pretty innovative design over all. Thanks for the contest.

    | |
  221. Timothy Boyer

    These products all look amazing. I love the idea of the clutch, but in general would probably use the slide more. The fact that I can use them together? Amazing!

    | |
  222. Nadia Doyle

    The clutch looks awesome. I would love to be able to adjust my hand strap that easy. My current hand strap is a PITA.

    | |
  223. Adrian Gojan

    WOW. Looks great. I would have a great time when using two cameras. Sorry, that in Moldova, I will not receive them soon in store. Who knows, I may win a set;) Good luck to all and me!

    | |
  224. Facebook Profile Photo
    Attila Iuhasz

    I’m a wedding photographer, would love to have one of my cameras on this system, I hope I’m the lucky winner :)

    | |
  225. Bokeh Monk

    I’m really beginning to dis-like my Black Rapid Sport lately, the metal FastenR wears through. Although Black Rapid did send me a replacement strap ( great customer service ) this second strap is already showing signs of wearing through as the first. I can’t trust my Black Rapid any longer! I saw this new sling on Kickstarter the other day and thought ‘where can I get one today an found they wouldn’t be available for a few more months. That’s it, my need is the real motivation for wanting this new Peak Design sling strap.

    | |
  226. me-bw.jpg
    Douglas Park

    I would like this for my X-T1

    | |
  227. Erin Monroe

    I am super interested in the clutch as I shoot blind from an overhead angle frequently. I’ve tried hand straps and been disappointed by how cumbersome installation can be or how unsecure they have seemed

    | |
  228. image.jpeg
    Natasha Glenn

    Excited to see a camera strap system that can be so versatile. My Rstrap is currently collecting dust because it’s one dimensional. I would like to try this Peak Design

    | |
  229. James DeArment

    The clutch is what intrigues me the most. I had tried a hand strap in the past, but couldn’t get it to fit quite right and it wasn’t very quick to use.

    | |
  230. Meaghan Skinner

    The slide looks amazing but I’d love to try the clutch! Looks a lot more comfortable than my current wrist strap!

    | |
  231. George Philip Ng

    cool strap hope it would be available in the philippines the hand strap looks comfortable hope to test it out soon

    | |
  232. 10379845_10152424184284706_6149251734708329236_o.jpg
    Jennifer Mihalyi

    Love the clutch!! Always looking for a good gift for my boyfriend who’s always shooting video, and he’s always struggling to wrap the strap around his hand….this would be so perfect!!

    | |
  233. Valerie Ozella

    That clutch looks pretty interesting. I am currently using the strap that came with the camera and it just gets all tangled and twisted. I like the thought of being able to put the camera down with ease but feeling secure with it in my hand.

    | |
  234. image.jpg
    Genard Williams

    I’ve been looking into incrementally purchasing gear to improve my photography ( a brotha on a budget), but I never thought about the benefit of different types of straps. Hmm…interesting!

    | |
  235. IMG_2007-square.jpg
    Mallorie Owens

    I saw their kickstarter yesterday and these new products look awesome! The slide looks so easy to use and the clutch looks like it will be a more comfortable fit than my wrist strap.

    | |
  236. terrell woods

    I’m all in on this strap. The minor/major flaw of all straps that I currently own is that they have to be removed to be locked onto the tripod. It seems like that would have been a simple solution to work into the design. I guess not. Really looking forward to this new strap.

    | |
  237. Victoria Barton

    This looks so wonderful. I am still using the strap which came with my camera. I am really excited about the clutch strap because I have carpal tunnel and that would help me hold on to my camera better/ Both designs look wonderful and there ease of use looks wonderful.

    | |
  238. Gerome.jpg
    David Hall

    I’m a big fan of Peak Design. I have the first and second generation of the clip system, and two of the cuff straps. I looove the idea of the sling being able to transform into different configurations depending on what I’m doing and where I am.

    | |
  239. FB profile pix.jpg
    Herm Tjioe

    I’m glad it’s coming to fruition. I’ve been following their page. It does have all the essential needs for me fulfilled. Perhaps this is the better mousetrap Peak Design have built

    | |
  240. Bhavin Patel

    This is by far the most anticipated strap system for me. I’ve been researching and trying out straps for a while now. Excited for this one! Just recently bought the ONA Presidio to match my bag and use it as a casual, fashionable strap while traveling. It’s great, but for the same price I could get this whole system via Kickstarter and have multiple uses/options all while being comfortable and NOT having my strap look like the standard black neoprene/fabric look. Can’t Wait!

    | |
  241. _MG_1829.jpg
    James Matthews

    This looks fantastic! I’ve been using a cheapy strap that I purchased on ebay, which has been fantastic and allows me to carry 2 x pro bodies with telephotos quite comfortably. The frustrating part is that it takes up the tripod mount space on the body :(
    The tripod mount blocking isn’t such an issue when I have my telephotos as they have a separate mount but when I’m using my 16-35 or my 50 then I have to stop, unscrew the strap, screw in the plate and then mount to the tripod.

    This product is gold!

    | |
  242. Leslie Troyer

    I just supported the kickstarted campaign – I’m looking forward to comparing this to the Black Rapid strap. This looks like it will be easier with my L bracket.

    | |
  243. 2.jpg
    Edward Solly

    I love my capture pro and a sling strap saves my back as that 70-200 gets heavy!, but i have never been able to use them both,. So i end up compromising, using one on each camera, not ideal. I can not wait being able to have a solution that just works, interchanging between them, and allowing me to carry 2 bodies the way i want.

    | |
  244. IMG_9425.jpg
    Erica Mengouchian

    This looks awesome! I am currently using the strap that came with my camera, and I would love to hook it on the bottom of the camera so the lens hangs downward (and won’t hit anything) while its on me. Really looking forward to this product! :)

    | |
    • GPR avatar for photo sites.jpg
      Dick Raymond

      This system looks to be Light years ahead of the bulky and flimsy system that I now use. It also looks far more secure and safe than my present system.
      I think it would be even more awesome to use if it had the Dual shoulder holster type of system so I could carry and use 2 or more cameras at a time without shoulder fatigue!

      | |