Peak Design continues its pattern of innovation with their new products: the Slide, the Clutch, and the Anchor Links, available now on Kickstarter. We were sent a few prototypes and we wanted to present you with a first look at what might be the best camera carrying solution on the market.

The Giveaway

We also wanted to give one of these prototypes away, so be sure to check out how to enter at the bottom of this article. Before we get to that, here are some of the most notable features of these new products.

Versatility of the Sling

The world of camera straps is crowded, but the main thing other existing solutions lack is versatility. Check out the following video I made on the SLR Lounge Instagram Account. Since Instagram videos are limited to 15 seconds, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate 3 different configurations in a short amount of time. The starting configuration is the sling, followed by the strap configuration, followed by the entire system mounted to a tripod.

As a wedding photographer, I love having the camera around my neck during shoots for camera safety and quick camera accessibility. With a One Bag carrying my lenses and a camera strap around my neck, I feel like I have everything right at my fingertips.

However, when I enjoy my street and travel photography, I like using a camera sling, as slings are a little more casual and feel more comfortable. Using the Peak Design Slide along with Anchor links, this modular system can quickly and securely convert from a sling to a strap in seconds.

Arca Swiss Mount


The connection plate of the Peak Design Slide is compatible with ARCA-type tripod heads, allowing you to mount your camera to a tripod without unscrewing anything. This is absolutely essential for our style of photography, as we are heavy users of our tripods during our wedding and travel photography for HDRs, Long Exposures, and Composites. The biggest issue with some competitors like the Spyder Holster or the Rapid Strap is that they connect at the bottom of the camera, requiring you to unscrew the system prior to attaching a tripod mount. Peak Design’s innovative solution to this issue is one of the Sling’s best features.

Anchor Links | Quick Secure Connection

peak-design-anchor-linksThe versatility and ease-of-use is all made possible by the Anchor Links. These small, low-profile clips allow for quick changes in the configuration and work with almost any existing camera strap. So if you absolutely can’t part with your old camera strap, you can still use the Anchor links to attach and detach the strap often and quickly. According to Peak Design, they can withstand 200lbs of force, an incredible amount for such a small clip.

Quick Adjustements

The next notable feature is the unique mechanism for adjusting the length of the Slide. Being able to easily adjust the length within seconds (and have that specified length stay throughout the shoot) is a nice luxury, especially compared to the cumbersome feeding and pulling adjusting method of classic camera straps.


The last feature I’ll mention is comfort. The Slide is smooth on one side and grippy on the other, giving you two options. The smooth and seamless padded webbing feels much nicer on your skin than harsher leathers and nylons that other straps use.

The Clutch

The other product being released, besides the Slide and the Anchor Links, is The Clutch. Like the Slide, the Clutch is quick connecting, so you can put it on and take it off quickly. A similar adjusting system is used so you can tighten and loosen it quickly for your comfort. The build and quality are excellent, and like the slide, you can mount your camera directly to a tripod without unscrewing anything.


More Info and Conclusion

I tried to come up with a list of cons to balance out the review, but honestly I couldn’t think of any. I’ll be personally using these products for all of my shoots going forward and will report back if there are any issues over the long run. But based on the design and company reputation, I don’t anticipate having any. I can easily give it 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’re interested in the official video, I’ve included it below.

The Giveaway!

The best part about this review is that Peak Design has agreed to give away a set of preproduction units to one of our readers. Simply comment below with your thoughts and we’ll randomly select a winner July 31st, 2014 to receive 1) The Slide 2) The Clutch and 3) Anchor Links. Possible comments might include what feature you’re most excited about, what you don’t like about your current strap, or your overall thoughts on the product in general. We want to keep it very loose and fun. The giveaway is open internationally. Enjoy!