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PDN/Nielsen PIX Magazine Criticized for Too Much Female Stereotypes?

By fotosiamo on July 18th 2012


There’s an article on A Photo Editor about how the new online photography magazine, PIX, came under fire by for having an “excessively girly and fluffy content,” and not enough serious photography content. Here are some of the topics in the PIX Magazine, as well as Jezebel’s commentaries on them:

  • “Smudge-proof makeup tips for long days behind the camera” (Because every lady’s top priority while on the job is her mascara!)
  • Seasonal Flats: these flats will keep your feet covered, comfortable and cute while you’re on photo shoots” (Stay away if excessive florals make your eyes hurt.)
  • “Step-by-Step: create these beautiful lanterns for your studio” (Hmm, has nothing whatsoever to do with photography, but ladies looove decorating!) (Side note: I’ll admit that these are pretty awesome and I want to make some for my apartment.)
  • “Beauty Dish: New Jersey-based wedding photographer dishes about her camera-ready style” (Duh, because all women looove weddings!)
  • “Photographing Newborns: A unique kind of labor” (Double duh: all women looove babies!)
  • “In mint-condition: stay on trend with these green accessories” (Uh, seems like someone may have been running a little low on “trend” ideas…)
  • “Luminous Lenses: Shoot in style with these designer lens protection wraps” (Zebra print!)
  • Nielsen also released a statement in light to this criticism:

    On July 10th The Nielsen Photo Group, parent company of Photo District News, Rangefinder and other publications and photography events, introduced a new, free digital magazine edition of PIX for photo enthusiasts. The content of this edition is specifically geared toward women who enjoy photography as a hobby, featuring articles and product suggestions intended to inspire women to shoot more and create better photographs.

    An e-mail announcing PIX was sent to The Nielsen Photo Group’s entire audience including hobbyists, students, emerging and professional photographers. The e-mail introducing PIX mistakenly had the name Photo District News in the sender line.

    Essentially, although PIX is a photography magazine, it caters to fashionable women who are photo enthusiasts. That’s why their content is more in line with magazines such as Seventeen or Style, as opposed to Nielsen’s other magazines PDN or Rangefinder.

    To me, since we do have a lot of gear and technique-oriented photography magazine out there, I don’t really find PIX’s content offensive. I browsed through it and I can see how there will be women who would be interested in the magazine. Can there be a little more photography-oriented articles? Sure, but you get that practically everywhere already. I’m sure that PIX will start to bring in more of that content, but considering its demographic, there’s really nothing offensive with the content. That’s why we have choices when it comes to magazines.

    We would love hear from guys and gals on this. What do you think?

    Click here to check out the PIX magazine

    And to read more about the controversy, read Jezebel’s article, Finally, Lady Photojournalists Get Their Own Photo Ladymag Full of Lady Stereotypes, as well as A Photo Editor’s article, PDN/Nielsen PIX Launch Derided By Its Target Audience Of Women Photographers.


    Joe is a rising fashion and commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He blends creativity and edge with a strong style of lighting and emotion in his photographs. Be sure to check out his work at and connect with him on Google Plus and on Facebook


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    1. Ed Rhodes

      people will find just about anything offensive

      | |
    2. Olly

      Whats the big deal?
      I thought this was supposed to be a magazine aimed more at lady photogs, so whats the problem if they include this stuff?

      If you don’t like it don’t read it simple!

      It’s hardly going to bring the womens right movement to an end!

      | |
    3. New Female-Oriented PDN Magazine Too Stereotypical? | Fstoppers

      […] friends over at SLR Lounge just brought up an interesting topic that Jezebel posted on a few days ago. I personally received […]

      | |
    4. ajwearsclothes

      Everyone knows Jezebel is just a bunch of frigid bitches. You get used to them.

      As for Pix, I hadn’t heard of it so I took a look and I kind of love it. Mind you, I’m a fashion minded photographer, so it’s right up my alley. I don’t think the fluff outweighed the photography content. It could be an extremely valuable resource for female bloggers who have picture heavy blog content like me if they write articles geared towards women photographers! Well done.

      | |
    5. Marcus Leow

      I tink its nice. Most photography magazines contain too much technical information. This diversifies the articles and I find it quite interesting actually. Sometimes we don’t need that much info on the cameras/lenses. Even car magazines don’t solely write on cars, sometimes it contains movie and book reviews, new electronics gadgets, etc.

      | |
    6. Ryan Cooper

      Doesn’t pretty much exclusively post fluff? Seems the cat calling the kettle black. Overall the above doesn’t seem bad. Sure some of it isn’t really photography related and I havent actually read the articles but nothing is wrong about talking about Wedding Photography or how to shoot newborns. Furthermore, how to decorate your studio is something many photographers could REALLY benefit from. How comfortable your client feels can have a HUGE impact on their expression

      | |
    7. lori

      Not too bad, it definitely is geared towards photo hobbyists and not the professional.

      | |