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Pay For Food With Instagram Photos

By Leujay Cruz on May 21st 2014


When dining out, most of us take pictures of our food with the intent to share the images online. Science does suggest that taking pictures of your food makes it tastes better! According to a joint study by the University of Minnesota and Harvard Business School, “rituals enhance the enjoyment of consumption because the greater involvement in the experience that they prompt.” Based on that, The Picture House pop-up restaurant is allowing their patrons to use their Instagram photos as a form of currency.



Birds Eye, an international brand of frozen foods, conducted further surveys in the UK concluding that more than half of diners regularly take photos of their food prior to eating. The Picture House, which opened in the SOHO neighborhood of London last week, will allow their patrons to replace the usual form of payment with a social media posting of the food they consumed with the hashtag “#BirdsEyeInspirations.” In the same survey, Brits admitted to re-arranging their food in a more visually pleasing way before taking their photo.

The world's first pay-by-picture restaurant opens today

The Picture House pop-up restaurant has hired food photographer Marie Marte to help the diners take their photos. She’ll be on hand to give tutorials on how to compose and arrange their meals to improve their food photography.


The pop-up restaurant is part of Birds Eye’s “Food of Life” campaign, which is a new marketing project that aims to change people’s perceptions of frozen foods by focusing on how they interact and consume their meals. Birds Eye marketing director, Margaret Jobling, states, “Taking photos of food enables people to show off and to share their meal time moments – from the everyday to the very special. We wanted to tap into this trend and create a new reason for people to talk about and sample our Inspirations range.”

If this marketing trend spreads, maybe we can eliminate photographers from the “starving artists” label.

via London Evening Standard / Daily Mail

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