Photographing the Milky Way

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Behind The Scenes of Patrick Rochon’s Martial Art Light Painting Project

By Emily Cariaga on July 25th 2013

Patrick Rochon recently published an interesting project mixing dance, martial art and light painting. The experience helped him discover and explore a deeper meaning behind this popular type of photography; check out what he has to say about it:

“Getting to the essence of what I do,
I now understand that light painting is above all, movement.
To me, it is a mix of dancing and martial arts.
Light moves everywhere all the time.
Our bodies are emitting light
and expressing something subtle but important.
We must see it and understand it.
We must reveal it’s secrets and knowledge.
I believe it is a key connected to our consciousness.

The light painting KATA
is the expression of our light and
the trace we leave behind.”

These photos were all taken with a Nikon D600 and the results are stunning! What do you think?

[REWIND: Looking for more light painting inspiration? Check out this behind the scenes look at Phlearn’s “Light My Fire.“]












Behind The Scenes Video

Light tools designed and built by Patrick Rochon and Chopin Joseph.

Emily is a Lead Photographer at Lin and Jirsa Photography in Orange County, CA. She loves kittens, camping and sleeping in.

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  1. Joseph Prusa


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  2. Vaclav Ryc

    PS: you don’t need to be in complete darkness, just before sunset is cool as well when other objects are still visible.
    Check out this guy

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  3. Vaclav Ryc

    Don’t ask which LED people are using. Just get some, don’t need to be LED just flash lights powerful enough. some color filters, set your camera on long exposure and start experimenting ;)

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  4. Jens

    Where is that “Jaw drop smiley” when you need it?!… :-O!…

    Can recall that I loved people rendering these kind of waves and patterns in 3D applications that ended up being very similar to this….

    Seeing that those can be created in photography is mind blowing for me!… Awesome job.

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    • Patrick Rochon

      Hi Jens, thank you for your comment. What we find in this kind of light graphic compared with Photoshop is the spontaneity and the freedom you have in the moment. This is where I see the magic happening.

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  5. Andrew G

    This is great. Can you tell me what kind of LED did you use?

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