We have already shared the rumors regarding Canon releasing some all new bodies in early 2015, which would feature all new sensors unlike anything Canon has used before. Some have thought that may be a multi-layer Foveon-esqe sensor, or maybe just a better standard bayer sensor. Could the patent discovered below be the basis for Canon’s next-gen sensors?

Patent Publication No. 2014-175553

The patent drawing that you can see above depicts a sensor that changes the sensitivity of individual pixels by moving the photon detection zone deeper into the sensor. Basically, for higher sensitivity, the photon detection zone moves closer to the lens; and for less sensitivity, the photon detection zone moves deeper into the sensor (or away from the lens).

This would, in theory, allow for a much greater dynamic range from these sensors over Canon’s current sensors. It could also help with low light and high ISO performance; another area where Canon’s sensor lags behind (although not quite as much as in dynamic range) their competitors.


It is interesting that this patent comes to light so soon after the rumors started flowing about Canon bringing a new sensor out in early 2015. As with all patents, it could mean nothing, but this could also be the sensor tech that Canon will release in 2015. We will see in a little over a month.

What do you think about this sensor patent? Do you think that this could be the sensor technology that Canon will be bringing to market in early 2015? Would this be enough to get the Dynamic Range and ISO monkeys off their back? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Rumors]