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24 Nov 2020

With our premium membership, you gain exclusive access to discounts from some of our favorite software and gear companies. We’ll do our best to continue curating this list and locking down new partners so that we can save you money on the tools that enable you to succeed in your photography business.

Note: While we do our best to keep everything up-to-date, discounts and codes are subject to change. Please email if any of the following discount codes are invalid or expired.


Alphabetical List of Discounts


Website: Click Here
Premium Member Discount: 20%
Premium Code: SLR20
About: “17hats is the all-in-one business system for entrepreneurs. From booking clients, to managing projects, to controlling your finances, with 17hats you have everything you need to manage your business and clients anytime, anywhere.


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20%
Discount Code: LOUNGE20
About: “Animoto’s the fast and easy way to make videos that’ll grow your business. Create videos in minutes with our online video editor, so you can increase sales with video ads and promotions, create marketing videos for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and improve brand awareness with powerful professional videos. No video editing experience required.”


Website: Click Here
Premium Offer: 2 Additional Months (Free) With 1-Year Subscription
Discount Code: Click Here
About: “Artlist is reinventing the way filmmakers access music. Access unlimited downloads of high quality indie music for your use in perpetuity for one simple annual price. With an unlimited license, all the music is safe for use across any medium.”



Atmosphere Aerosol

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 25%
Discount Code: AtmosphereSLR
About: “Atmosphere Aerosol is instant fog in a can. It gives photographers and filmmakers an affordable, safe and convenient way to add haze or fog to a shoot without needing power or carrying heavy equipment.”



Website: Click Here
Premium Discount Amount: 10% off
Premium Code:  SLR10
About: “Bay Photo has been providing Professional Photographers with the highest quality printing and customer service for nearly 40 years. We offer the highest quality professional photo products available, with the most options. With beautiful display options for every situation ranging from clusters, to splits including mounting and finishing options. Sell more printed product. Bring your images to Bay Photo, and join the many professional photographers who depend on us for outstanding quality, excellent value and exceptional customer service. ”


Website: Click Here
Premium Discount Amount: 20% off
Premium Code:  SLRMEMBER
About: “We offer a wide selection of hand-crafted newborn, baby and toddler clothing and photography props including stretch knit wraps, faux fur posing rugs, wood branch owl/bird nests, handmade knit & crochet baby clothing,  hats, headbands, blankets, cocoons, hammocks, stork sacks, diaper covers and other newborn photo props.  We strive to offer the highest quality craftsmanship utilizing our exceptional yarn selection and are honored to be recognized as one of the top photography prop vendors that ships worldwide.”


Website: Click Here
First Time Discount Amount: 15% off
First Time Discount Code: SLRNEW18
SLRL 10% Discount Code: SLRMEM18

About: “ rents a deep selection of photo and video cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and more with convenient shipping straight to your doorstep.  Our team of professional photographers and videographers is here to help with all your customer service needs.  Try the latest gear before you buy for a fraction of the purchase price.  It’s as easy as ship, shoot, return!”



Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 30% Off All Classes & 50% Off Memberships
Premium Code: SLRLOUNGEMEMBER to Receive 30% Off All Classes
To Receive 50% Off Memberships, please click here.
About: “Breed’s mission is to provide you with the right knowledge and tools you need in order to take on the challenges, and rise to the top. With our service we wish to revolutionize the way fashion photography is taught, bringing you an unfiltered insight to all sides of the industry, in-depth tutorials, and useful equipment reviews.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 15%
Discount Code: LOUNGE15
About: “A standalone browser and workflow accelerator. Simply put, the fastest viewer for digital photos. The ease of use and powerful features make it the perfect tool for today’s photographer.”



custom-slr-logo-1CUSTOM SLR

Website: Click Here
Public Discount: 10%
Public Code: 10SLRL16
Premium Member Discount: 20%
Premium Code: 20SLRL19
About: “Custom SLR is composed of passionate people who strive to create innovative products that challenge existing boundaries. Our high-quality products are thoughtfully designed, meticulously engineered, and vigorously tested.”



Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20%
Discount Code: slrlounge
About: “Accurate color is essential within a photography workflow. See, share and print images just the way you intended with Datacolor Spyder.



WebsiteClick Here
Premium Member Discount: 30%
Premium Code: SLRDUBS30
About: “Dubsado is a client management system for entrepreneurs and businesses. From sending contracts, invoices, proposals, questionnaires to managing bookings and leads, and so much more. Dubsado makes it easier for you to run your business so you can stop worrying about all the “busy” work, and get back to growing your business!




Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: $30 Off
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE30B
About: “We make high quality albums & products for the professional photographer market. Each Finao album is hand-made, right here, in the good ole’ US of A.”



Website: Click Here
Premium Discount: $69 off any theme
Discount Code: SLRLFLO69
About: “Flothemes are Premium Website themes for Photographers, Videographers & Creative businesses. All themes are designed for WordPress, come with tutorials & full documentation, are easy to setup, customize and build a beautiful & SEO friendly website. No code skills needed. It’s a one time purchase and all future updates & support help are free.”




Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: $50 off the Pro Suite or Album Suite
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE
About: “Fundy Designer is the only template-free solution available that provides photographers the creative freedom to design, sell, proof and print – all in one application. Design albums, wall art, web collages and watermark images – all with Fundy Designer.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20% off your first order
Discount Code: SLRPREM
About: “Featuring a variety of USB flash drives and photo boxes, Hanging Branch offers premium photo packaging products customized with your logo and client’s names. Crafted by us, personalized for you.”




Website: Click Here
Public Discount: 15%
Public Code:slrloungehdr
Premium Member Discount: 25%
Premium CodePremium Members Only
(Premium Members Click Here)
About: “HDRsoft researches and develops innovative software in the field of High Dynamic Range imaging for photography. The company’s founder pioneered HDR photography software with the introduction of Photomatix in February 2003.”

holdfastHoldfast Gear

Website: Click Here
Discount Option 1: $10 Off All Orders Over $100
Discount Option 2 Code:SLRlounge
Discount Option 2: 7% Off Your Order
Discount Option 2 Code: SLRloungePREMIUM
Discount Details: Includes free domestic shipping and flat rate $35 international shipping.
About: “HoldFast Gear was born from a sense of adventure and the belief that history is waiting to be captured and made. I believe an image can tell a story. And a powerful story can make history – change its course. My hope is that HoldFast equips my fellow image-capturers to better tell such stories. All products are made ethically right here in the United States of America.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 50% off your first year subscription
Discount Code: Click link above
About: “honeybook believes in a world where creative entrepreneurs are able to make a living doing what they love. A world where creatives have an easy way to manage all their jobs seamlessly, so they can spend more time on their craft, and less time on the administrative and marketing pains of running a small business.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 6 months free website hosting (on any plan)
Discount Code: SLRLPR6
About: “Imagely offers the best WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting for photographers. Simple. Turnkey WordPress websites with stunning designs, blogging, proofing, and e-commerce. Hosted on high performance, rock solid Amazon servers. Imagely themes are modern, clean, and photo-centric designs which put your images front and center. NextGEN Gallery & NextGEN Pro are the most advanced WordPress gallery plugins to easily manage, display & sell photos on WordPress.”


lawtogLAW TOG

Website: Click Here
Discount: 20%
Discount Code: Slounge20
About: “TheLawTog® is the only comprehensive legal resource for photographers. As an American attorney and MBA, Rachel Brenke has experience in successfully running her own businesses while helping others initiate, build and grow to success.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 15%
Discount Code: SLRloungeLB
About: At Lensbaby, we see things differently. We think perfect is boring. We seek surprise—to have our eyes opened, to dance and play and lose ourselves in moments. To break free of routine, be uncomfortable, tinker, and open yourself up to unexpected results. We make award-winning creative effects lenses, optics and accessories that follow this philosophy.



Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 15%
Discount Code: SLR15
About: “Lensrentals is the largest online rental provider for photography, videography, and lighting equipment and accessories in the United States.”


lumecubeLume cube

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 10%
Discount Code: SLR10
About: Lume Cube is the world’s most versatile light. This fully adjustable, 1500 lumen LED is the first lighting solution that enables your photo studio to be as mobile and creative as you are. With wireless bluetooth syncing, you can connect and adjust multiple Lume Cubes at the same time, giving you complete control of your lighting.

magmod-logo-2Mag Mod

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: $10 Off Your Purchase (one time use per customer)
Discount Code: slrlounge
About: “Mag makes flash modifiers the way they were meant to be. Our mission is to make awesome photography easy, by making tools that get out of the way of being more creative. We believe photographers can better improve their craft when technology is no longer a mental barrier to feeling, seeing, and expressing.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 10%
Discount Code: MEFOTOSLR10
About: “MeFOTO makes colorful gear for photographers with colorful personalities. Our gear is designed and made to be durable, lightweight and easy. Our gear is meant to elicit smiles and add a little more joy (and color) to your days and your photography projects.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 30%
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE
About: “MIOPS Smart Trigger is a versatile camera and flash trigger. It provides advanced modes like Lightning, Sound and Laser trigger to capture high-speed events such as lightning strikes, popping balloons, exploding items and wildlife etc. It also contains Intervalometer to work as a Time Lapse Trigger.”

music-bed-logoThe Music Bed

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20% (One Time Use)
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE20
About: “Musicbed is a full-service licensing platform. We provide a highly curated selection of songs to filmmakers for use in media projects. We’re all about making quality music easily accessible, empowering creatives to tell better stories, and supporting musical artists.”

peak-design-logo-2PEAK DESIGN

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 10%
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE
Expiration: 12/31/17
About: “Our mission is to enable active, creative, adventurous people to better capture and appreciate the beautiful world around them. Right now we are helping people better transport and handle their creative gear and everyday carry: cameras, lenses, binoculars, GoPros, laptops, diapers or any other lifestyle implement you can’t leave home without.”


photobooth-supply-co-logoPhotobooth Supply Co

Website: Click Here
Discount Code: slrlpbsco
Discount Amount: Free Shipping, Watermarked Promotional Video, Ultra High-Res Renderings, High-Res Single Images, Photobooth Album Design, High-Res Print Files, Template Bundle
About: “Photobooth Supply Co. is photo booths reimagined. Change your business with a photo booth from Photobooth Supply Co., portable photo booth with technology to match it’s quality.”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 15%
Discount Code: SLR15MEMBER
About: “ is the premier online shopping destination for custom flash drives, hard drives and beautiful packaging. Our USB flash drives, hard drives & unique beautiful packaging can be customized with your design or logo at no additional charge & with no minimum order quantity or set up fees.”


Website: Click Here
Premium Discount: 60 days free, 20% off  3+ months subscription when paid upfront
Premium Code: PixifiSLR20OFF
About: “Pixifi is the ultimate studio management software solution to help you automate all of the things you need to get done to run your business efficiently! Pixifi has many integrated tools to help you give every client the same great experience every time! Track leads, clients, event, projects, booking, invoicing, contracts, proposals, and so much more!”



Richard Photo Lab

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20% off ROES
Discount Code: 20PREMSLR17R
Discount Details: Excludes proof prints and albums, One time use, one per customer, valid 12/31/16 – 1/2/2018
About: “Richard Photo Lab is a quality-obsessed company, more interested in doing things the right way than chasing high volume or fat margins. We take a great degree of care with our image processing, scanning, and handling–sweating the details of each and every frame to exceed your expectations. Richard takes pride in operating in a personable way, developing unique relationships with our clients and treating them as the individuals they are.”




Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 1 Month Free with any Annual Plan
Discount CodePremium Members Only
(Premium Members Click Here)
Expiration: 12/31/16
About: “ShootDotEdit is the first choice color correction and post-production solution for the pro wedding photographer and everything they shoot. Their turnaround time is as fast as 48 hours. Fast is best, and no one is faster.”



Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 20% off monthly payments for first 12 months.
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE20
About: “At Shootproof, we believe in simple, intuitive design and freedom of choice for photographers. With beautiful client galleries, integrated professional labs for printing, and immediate digital download fulfillment, we empower photographers to upload, share, sell, and print their work. ”



Website: Click Here
Offer: 15% off
Code: SLRLounge
About: “Specialising in Landscape and Cityscape photography, Shutter…Evolve was created by Jimmy McIntyre to offer photographers high-quality learning materials that will keep them at the forefront of post-processing technology.”



Website: Click Here
Offer: $10 off Luminar 3 & FLEX
About: “With Skylum’s FLEX plugin, photographers and other creatives who use programs like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and Photos for macOS get timesaving AI tools and new creative options.”

spider-holsterSPIDER HOLSTER

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 15% Off
Discount CodeSLRLOUNGE15 (case sensitive)
About: “Founded by passionate professional photographers, Spider Camera Holster develops innovative camera-carrying gear and accessories. Our mission is to provide revolutionary, ergonomic solutions for photographers from all walks of life.


sprout-studioSPROUT STUDIO

Website: Click Here
Discount Amount:
30% Off for 3 Months
Discount CodeUse This Link to Receive Your Discount
“Sprout Studio is the photography industry’s first all-in-one system for running a successful business. Now you can streamline your business, save time, look great to your clients, and make more money … all in one place! Sprout Studio combines studio management software with online galleries, album proofing, and an in-person sales style gallery experience. All this for only $49/month. Sign up now for a free 21-day trial!”


Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: 10% off
Discount Code: SLRLOUNGE
About: “Our platform empowers millions of people — from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses — to share their stories and create an impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence.” 


Website: Click Here
Premium Member Discount:
50% Off
Premium Code:
“Studio Ninja is the world’s most user-friendly photography business app for web and mobile. Designed specifically for photographers, Studio Ninja helps you manage your shoots, clients, leads, invoices, workflows and so much more! Use promo code SLRLOUNGE50 at and get 50% off for the first 12 months!”



Website: Click Here
Discount Amount: $100 for a year membership (originally $180)
Discount Code: Use This Link to Receive Your Discount
“Swift Galleries is a simple, affordable wall art sales tool that, as Swift Galleries member Allie S. says, will help you make more money while also creating an exceptional client experience that will give you an edge over other photographers in your market. ”


tether-toolsTETHER TOOLS

Website: Click Here
Discount Code: slrl10
Discount Amount: 10%
About: “Tether Tools is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered. We provide the highest quality tethering solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers”

thinktank-premium-partnersThink Tank

Website: Click Here

Discount Code: thinkSLRtank16
Discount Amount: Free Gift of Your Choice with Any Order
About: “Think Tank Photo designs camera carrying solutions for working professionals. Our products are born from the collaborative efforts of professional photographers and product designers, working together with a common goal — to create the most inventive and effective solutions for all photographic situations.”



Website: Click Here

Discount Code: SLRLounge10
Discount Amount: 10% Off Your Order
About: “We are a group of photographers who wanted cool photography t-shirts to wear while out shooting. We couldn’t find any, so we made our own.  We try to put this passion into everything we make.  All of our shirts are designed, made, packaged and shipped right here in Philadelphia. For photographers, by photographers. We make Men’s and Women’s cut tees, hats, pins, and even hoodies. “ 

Partners & Affiliates (No Current Discounts)


B&H Photo Video

Website: Click Here
About: “Offering photographic and consumer electronics, including new and used equipment.”



Website: Click Here
About: “Online retailer of books, movies, music and games along with electronics, toys, apparel, sports, tools, groceries and general home and garden items..”



CreativeLive empowers you to unleash your potential by bringing the world’s greatest experts directly to you, live. Featuring workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, crafting, and software training, CreativeLive unlocks previously closed doors by making dynamic education accessible to everyone.
Anyone can watch our live online workshops — for free — and interact with instructors in real time. The future of education is interactive, free, and live now.



Canon Professional Services

Canon Professional Services (CPS) provides exceptional support for full-time imaging professionals. CPS members receive exclusive 24/7 phone and e-mail support, expedited and discounted equipment maintenance and repairs, Equipment Evaluation Loans, on-site support at select events and shows, discounts on select Canon Live Learning seminars and workshops, and more.



We believe that a Light Shaping Tool should feel right, sound right and be aesthetically pleasing. Just like the painter’s brush or the musician’s instrument, its form should reflect its function. We will never let technology rule over the artist. Our tools are not obstacles but lighting solutions, designed to help you turn your ambition into reality.



Fstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news.


DIY Photography

DIY Photography started in 2006 as a place for gear lusting photographers, it has quickly evolved into a place of inspiration, education, gear chat and a place for photographers to hang out. With a strong focus on educational content, we feature some of the best and most inspiring photography found worldwide, exciting behind the scenes footage, gear reviews and the best photography tutorials to be found on the web.