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The Panasonic GH4 Impresses in Both Stills and Video Mode

By Anthony Thurston on May 10th 2014

The guys over at the Camera Store TV just released another one of their “After Dark” videos, and the focus of the video this time around is their final thoughts on the new Panasonic GH4.


If you remember, they released a GH4 review back shortly after the camera was announced, but they had only been able to look at a pre-production model. Fast forward to now, and they have had a  chance to play with the final production model of the GH4, and in the video below they share their final thoughts on this impressive new micro four thirds camera from Panasonic.

So, after watching this video I am honestly even more impressed with the GH4 than I was before. We have shared several comparison videos over the last week or two, first with the 5D III and BMPCC, and then the Red Epic and 5D III Raw footage, in both cases the GH4 was far and away the more impressive camera (to me, anyways).

In the video above, I was particularly impressed by the low light, high ISO, performance of the GH4. As in pointed out in the video, when shot in 4K and then downsized to 1080 the footage at high ISO was completely usable even past 6400. Very impressive.

So what are your thoughts on this GH4 after seeing this? Does this peak your interest a little more, or do you fall into the “It’s not full frame, it’s garbage” crowd? Share your thoughts below.

[via Camerastore TV]

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  1. Gonzalo

    It seems like a great camera indeed, not only for video but also for stills!

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  2. Herm Tjioe

    I’m waiting for the Philip Bloom test report. Some of the points brought out regarding the comparison video deserves a second look. A better comparison metrics is is order before passing such decidedly conclusive rendering.

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