The Panasonic GH4 seems to be gaining more and more momentum every day, and it has not even been released yet. The camera has been likened to the Canon 5D Mark II in what it could mean for low budget filmmaking, while also still being a very capable stills camera.


But for all of the hype, not many have been able to have their hands on this camera yet. Our own Joe Gunawan (Fotosiamo) is lucky to be one of them, and he published his initial impressions on the camera a little while ago. But what of the video features? Is this a 4K camera that people should want?

The guys over at The Camera Store TV have just released their hands-on look at the GH4, and the main topic of the video is the 4K video functionality of the camera. The unit they reviewed was pre-production, so keep that in mind while watching the video (things could be changed between a pre-production and production model). If you are interested in the video capabilities of this Panasonic GH4, check out the review below.

I am still not convinced that 4K is important to have right now. It takes up a ton of space, and not many consumers even have displays capable of viewing it yet, plus the majority of 4K cameras are pretty pricey. That being said, I can totally see this as an awesome feature to have access to now. With the price of the GH4, why not get 4K?

What are your thoughts on the GH4? Is 4K video something you are looking for, and if so, is a GH4 something you are looking at purchasing? Leave a comment below to join the discussion.