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Panasonic GH3 sample video footage: a wedding film from Joe Simon

By Matthew Saville on December 6th 2012

“Amore Mio” is a short sample film made by Joe Simon using the new Panasonic GH3, one of the hottest new mirrorless cameras.  We will be performing our own extensive review on a full production Panasonic GH3 very soon, so stay tuned for that!  

As you can see here, the GH3 is capable of creating some gorgeous footage; the colors and dynamic range look very promising, and the 1080p detail looks great as well.  When we perform our own review, we will be very interested in seeing how the camera performs in low light at high ISO’s, and how the dynamic range turns out in both video and still photography…


GH3 “Amore Mio” from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes “Amore Mio” GH3 from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.


Pre-order the Panasonic GH3 from B&H by clicking HERE.  ($1,299 – body only)

A few more details about the GH3:

  • 16.05 megapixels – “Digital Live MOS Sensor”
  • Micro 4/3 sensor and lens mount
  • Magnesium Alloy construction, with weather sealing
  • 1080/60p 50Mbps IPB and 24p 72Mbps ALL-I
  • Venus engine image processor with 4 CPUs
  • OLED monitor and live view finder
  • Contrast auto focus system
  • Full-area focusing and pinpoint AF (something traditional DSLR users are dying to have!)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi links to smart devices
  • Auto HDR for still photographs

Overall, the GH3 sounds like a dream camera in an ultra-light package.  So, as usual with these types of cameras, the proof is in the pudding. Namely, the overall real-world performance, and of course the image quality.  So far things are looking very good, so keep an eye out for our full review in the coming weeks!

Until next time, keep on clicking!
=Matthew Saville=

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Matthew Saville is a full-time wedding photographer at Lin & Jirsa Photography, and a senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge.

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  1. George Murray

    one more question, is that the Lumix microphone your using? If so, how well does it perform?

    | |
  2. George Murray

    Nice work! I do wedding videos myself and own a GH3. I haven’t gotten to try it out yet. I love slider you are using. I my have to pick one of these up. Was this a one man operation for the wedding video it self? I noticed you carry a backpack with you when shooting. Do find this being a pain to carry around? Thank you in advanced and nice work.

    | |
  3. Jennifer Bates

    I’m always blown away by amazing video work, this one is no different.  So creative.  If I were the bride, I would cherish this so deeply.

    | |
  4. Shmaw Shank

    I’m sorry, but someone has to say this: the dynamic range in these shots is terrible.  Actually, it’s unacceptable.  The filmmaker had to underexpose almost every shot to make up for this (an understandable adjustment response).  But there is nothing to “dream” about here, this is not even close to even 1-2 generation old D-SLRs.  I understand the desire for something lighter (and so do most cinematographers’ forearms, thanks Glidecam), but you have to realize that you’re trading off here, big time.    

    The film itself is quite good though, great direction and camera work, definitely a talented guy!  The equipment let him down, however.  

    | |
    • Joe Gunawan

      On the contrary, he could have done more with the GH3. If you want to see how superb the video quality of the GH3 can be, download Driftwood’s test, particularly this one. Watch it in 1080P and not-streamed.

      | |
    • Shmaw Shank

      What am I looking for here?  Still looks rather inferior.  Low dynamic range, and in this video, without as much post-processing, incredibly low contrast.  On this latter point I will give the camera the benefit of the doubt and assume the videographer is shooting on an overcast day, thus contributing to the poor contrast levels  

      I hate how skin tones are rendered as well.  We’ll also give the camera some latitude on this because this can be edited in post to some degree, but that adds extra work for no added benefit.  

      | |
    • Joe Gunawan

      Have you actually followed the GH2 and the GH3 on sites like EOSHD or Phillip Bloom? Those two cameras, particularly the GH2 is amazing when it comes to resolving details and minimizing moire, and it can color grade pretty well. It’s definitely sharper than the Canon 5D mkII and mkIII, and can sustain a filmic look to it in color grading.

      Check out the Zacuto Shootout, where they tested the GH2 vs the RED Epic, Canon C300, Sony F65, and the Arri alexa, the GH2 held up very well, and was Francis Scott Coppola’s favorite.
      As for this video, skintones look is subjective and our videographer agrees that it looks great. The low contrast in the video is most likely from the overcast, but irregardless, a flat picture is great for post-production.

      | |