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03 Mar 2021

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Disable or Prevent Thumbnail Creation in WordPress

As photographers we have thousands of files on our websites and blogs. On top of that, if you use the Wordpress image uploader, you are stuck with three times the number of images, as the uploader automatically creates two additional files in different sizes. If your site isn’t utilizing the thumbnails created by the uploader, you should disable the creation of the Thumbnails. Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it.

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15 ways to make more money in 60 days

On Thursday WPPI was definitely winding down, the halls were emptying, the trade show was packing up and most of the buzz of the week had dissipated to a low murmer. Most WPPI attendees had already made for the exits and skipped the late show from Jerry and Sondra, but it was one of the more insightful and honest of the entire week. Mark Halper spoke for an hour as a guest speaker and really got down to brass tacks. I’ll cover Mark’s presentation in a separate piece as it was powerful enough to stand on it’s own.