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06 Jul 2020
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Top Five Reasons You MUST Get Dropbox!

Okay if I say “cloud” and you think of the white fluffy things in the sky, you might not be ready for this. Everybody else, pay attention! Photographers especially- If you take tons of photos but you never back them up on more than a single external hard drive, and especially if you never SHARE your photos with the rest of the world, …then you need to finally get around to giving Dropbox a try.

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15 ways to make more money in 60 days

On Thursday WPPI was definitely winding down, the halls were emptying, the trade show was packing up and most of the buzz of the week had dissipated to a low murmer. Most WPPI attendees had already made for the exits and skipped the late show from Jerry and Sondra, but it was one of the more insightful and honest of the entire week. Mark Halper spoke for an hour as a guest speaker and really got down to brass tacks. I’ll cover Mark’s presentation in a separate piece as it was powerful enough to stand on it’s own.

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Wedding Photography Slideshow Tutorial

Slideshows are one of the most powerful ways to display your photography. With the right song, the right image selections, and the right timing of those images, you can bring your brides (and maybe even some grooms) to tears, all while exposing your work to all of their family and friends as gets shared on their Facebooks, Twitters …