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26 Oct 2021

Highlights from WPPI 2014

Pye, Hanssie, and I were on the ground for WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas this week and we had a great time. Due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to post about the show while in Vegas like I had planned, so I wanted to do a quick recap of what I saw and things that stood out at this year’s show!

News & Insight

Peter Hurley Shares Headshots taken at WPPI on new PhotoProofPro Service

If you have seen Peter Hurley’s The Art Behind the Headshot then you are likely familiar with his online web proofing website. Until recently the only way to get your hand on the same proofing website he was using was to get a similar service through his retouching service. That has changed and you can now sign up directly to get access to the same exact website proofing service Hurley used in his DVD.


WPPI: Hanging Out with Kirsty Mitchell, Zhang Jingna, Renee Robyn, and Ben Von Wong

SLR Lounge’s Joe Gunawan spent a day and half with a group of amazing photographers: conceptual photographer Kirsty Mitchell of the Wonderland series, fashion photographer Zhang Jingna, expert retoucher/fetish & fashion photographer Renee Robyn, and all-around hyper creative photographer Ben Von Wong. Check out the group interview that we had with all four talented individuals.

News & Insight

Join us at WPPI 2013 | Booth 1434

We’ll be at WPPI Booth 1434 exhibiting as our sister company UNDFIND. Our writers will be walking the floors and attending the classes to bring you the latest, but our home base will be the 1434 booth below. Be sure to join us and meet part of the team. UNDFIND will be selling bags at awesome tradeshow pricing and debuting new covers and bags. Be sure to stop by!