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How to Shoot a Great Portrait in Direct Sunlight Using Speedlights

This awesome video tutorial comes from the folks of The Slanted Lens. Jay P. Morgan will show you how he put together a shoot for a world famous trick roper. He created two different looks; For the first look he froze the motion of the rope, for the second look he blurred the rope by dragging his shutter speed. He further lit his subject with a speedlight in a portable Photoflex softbox.


Tip of the Day: Trade in your Reflector for a Speedlight for Solo Outdoor Photography

One of the hardest things for me when trying to learn how to take better natural light outdoor pictures was that since it’s just me I did not have an assistant to run around holding a reflector for me. I did not want to use a light stand to hold a reflector because that is bulky and annoying to reposition. So I began to look at alternatives, and by far the best one to me was a speedlight.

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Comparing Speedlight Umbrella Softboxes

If you are like me and do not have the luxury of a dedicated studio space then you likely use speedlights for your artificial lighting needs. One of the best modifiers for any sort of artificial light are softboxes. The problem with standard softboxes is that they can be a pain to setup and not very speedlight friendly. A great alternative to your standard softboxes are these Umbrella Softboxes, another plus is that they are designed to be used with speedlights.