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How to Start a Photobooth

A couple months ago, we decided to launch a photobooth business. As a wedding photography studio, we had most of the necessary experience, all of the require technical knowledge, and most importantly, a complementary business with preexisting clientele. But that didn’t mean that we jumped right into it without doing the proper research. In actuality, we probably spent over 40 hours of total time, researching, testing, and prepping for our first photobooth event.

Shooting Tips

Four Tips on How to Properly Meter Exposure in Snow

One of the great things about winter when it comes to photography is that the snowy landscape can provide some terrific photo opportunity. But there is one problem when it comes to shooting snow: Snow is white. Your camera’s metering system wants to meter everything as middle gray. As a result, that pristine white snow becomes dull and dirty snow. SLR Lounge has 4 easy-to-use tips that can help you expose your images correctly when shooting in the snow.