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29 Jan 2023

Brooke Shaden Photography Tutorial and BTS

Brooke Shaden has unique editing style and being one of my favorite photographers to follow I am naturally interested in her process. I Would love to try and emulate her style when I am feeling a bit more creative than normal, but I have not clue where to start since it is no secret that she heavily produces her final images.


Natural Light Couples Photography DVD | How to Shoot An Engagement Session

We’re excited to announce the release of this long-awaited 2 DVD Workshop on couples portraits. When we approached Couples Photography, commonly referred to as Engagement Photography, we wanted to start by helping both beginners and professional develop and enhance a strong overall foundation in couples portraiture. So, the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop has been designed from the ground up to teach photographers a simple and systematic approach to capturing professional natural light couples photography. In this workshop, we show you that professional results can be achieved with just your camera, a simple reflector and your photographic eye.