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How To Pack For An Outdoor Shoot with Corey Rich

By Paul Faecks on May 29th 2014

Nikon has released another video from their “Nikon Behind the Scenes” series. This time Nikon ambassador Corey Rich explains how and what he packs for an outdoor adventure shoot. He says that he wants his gear to be as light as possible while still having the possibilities of shooting high resolution stills and Full-HD video. Check out the video below:


What gear does Corey use?


Corey also includes some tips for shooting video with your DSLR which I found helpful. He puts the strap of his camera behind his neck and then pulls the camera straight out in front of him (see screenshot below). This technique effectively reduces camera shake and keeps the camera steady while filming. Surprisingly, he shoots most of his video using just the build-in mic of the D800. He just switches to the ME-1 external microphone whenever he finds himself in situations of heavy wind.


A quick list of video- specific gear Corey uses:

  • A sturdy tripod with a fluid head
  • A slider
  • A compact Jib-arm


As Corey points out, of course you don’t need all that fancy gear to get amazing images and videos. As you’re growing as a cinematographer and/or as a photographer, you’ll most likely upgrade your gear when it starts limiting you in your creative workflow.

Which things would you take to an outdoor adventure shoot? Which things wouldn’t be necessary for you to take with?

[via Nikon Usa, images via screenshot]

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Paul Faecks is a portrait- and fine art photographer, based in Berlin. If you want to check out his latest work, you can do so by following him on Instagram or by liking his Facebook Page

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    I wish he would have said what type of slider he used.

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