Not every story has a happy ending, especially when it is dealing with stolen camera gear. However, with GadgetTrak there may just be more happy endings when it comes to stolen electronics.

Over $9,000 worth of camera equipment including a Nikon D3 and various lenses were stolen from John Heller during an assignment for Getty Images at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Now, this situation used to be hopeless until GadgetTrak introduced a Camera Serial Search feature into their services. The free search scans through metadata from images posted on Flickr and and pulls any images with the matching serial number.

John used this search and found images shot on his stolen camera, then by working with the LAPD he was able to recover all of his stolen gear. We bring this article to your attention not only because happy endings are nice, but also to notify you of this service.

Your camera serial number can be found on your camera body, as well as in your image metadata. So, even if your camera is stolen, you can find your serial number by looking up the serial number in images you previously shot. Hopefully, after enough awareness of this service has been raised, people will realize that it is pointless to steal or sell stolen cameras as they are easy to track down and recover.

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