Late April of this year I had the privilege of coordinating a video shoot to tell the story of a German outdoor explorer/photographer and his family. Almost every year since 2005, Lars Schneider and his wife Katrin, try to pilgrimage out to the states to take their restored Vw bus on a multi-month expedition covering different parts of North America. This long road adventure allows them to feed their hunger to see more of the world as well as the chance to work on their photography by capturing the scenics along the way.



Lars always knew exploring the great outdoors was his calling. Although at first, there was not much of a market for outdoor photojournalist. It was not until he had a story published in an outdoor magazine that things started to come together. Lars continued to submit stories and photos to magazines and was soon was connected with the Chief Editor of Outdoor Magazine who marveled at the work he was producing. Lars was then given a position as Outdoor Magazine’s travel editor.


Fast forward ten years later – Lars and his wife Katrin run their own photography brand, Outdoor Visions, which specializes in all types of outdoor photography from yoga to landscape to ski touring. Last year the couple was greeted by the birth of their baby son, Fietje. Eight months later they’re back on the road touring the Great Southwest in their 40 year old Vw Bus. Our one-man video crew, Cameron Sylvester, had a chance to catch up with them on their way to Bryce Canyon for a two day shoot along with fellow Canadian photographer, Jon Thorpe (also travelling through North America in a Vw camper).

Lars-5 Lars-2

Some of Lars’ images are below along with the video. If you have five minutes to spare, sit back, select HD, expand, turn up the sound, press play and enjoy.

Special thanks to Lars, Cam, Jon Thorpe, f-stop, and for helping make this happen.

For more on Lars and his work, visit his site at For more on the Life in Focus series, click here.