Ourspot: A Marketplace for Photographers

One of the most common things that we all hear when people are just starting out in the photography field is that it is hard to find work and get your name out there. Well a new website called Ourspot has just launched that may very well change that.

Ourspot is a social marketplace for amateur and hobbyist photographers to find work. The premise of the site is that people can come to the site to post jobs and hire photographers for those jobs. As a photographer when you sign up you get a profile and portfolio to display your work. You can also search through listings for available jobs and apply for them if you meet the organizers requirements.

Currently the site is only serving the San Francisco area, but the site has plans to expand to New York and Los Angeles in the near future.

Ourspot: A Marketplace for Photographers

My Thoughts

I think that this is a neat idea, but it is definitely not for everyone (at least in its current incarnation). Since the site is focused on the amateur photographer the amount of money that people are offering for shoots ranges from Free to a couple hundred at the most.  If you are a seasoned photographer who makes their living with photography then I would say that this is definitely not a site you will want to be a part of – at least at this point. It is very possible the site evolves into being the sort of place that you find jobs willing to pay more what you are used to. It is just not there yet.

That being said, if you are an amateur or hobbyist then this site could be a great opportunity for you. If you are looking to take the path to being a pro then this can give you valuable experience doing photoshoots and keeping busy. If you are just a hobbyist then is also a great opportunity because it gives you an opportunity to make a few bucks doing something that you love to do.

There are of course some things to be wary of. There are no preset terms to these jobs that I was able to find, so there is no mention of if you are giving away your rights to the images (something that I would not recommend agreeing to). It looks to be something that you work out with each individual client. The other thing that jumps out to me Is the pricing guidelines. The site recommends $10 for “fun” shoots, $25 for standard shoots, and $100+ for custom jobs. Personally I would not do a shoot for $10, I don’t care how “fun” it is.

I am curious to follow this site and see where it goes. Is this marketplace a good idea that will help new photographers, or is this just a site looking to capitalize on amateurs who do not know the value of their work? Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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