Whether it is creating valuable content for our subscribers or learning from pros all over the world, YouTube has remained a constant source of inspiration and education to all of us here at SLR Lounge.

We are over halfway through with 2019 (crazy to think about) and we are looking back at the content we’ve created so far for our YouTube family. We decided to round up our favorite YouTube videos from this year, so far, for you to get inspired by and hopefully you’ll pick up a new idea or two! We are so close to hitting 400,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel so don’t forget to subscribe! If you like our content, we’d love for you to share with a friend.

1. The First Two Lenses You Should Buy & How to Use Them (24-70 & 70-200)

I think a lot of us wish we could start over when it comes to purchasing and acquiring new gear. We all make the exact same mistakes of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on photography gear that we rarely end up using. If I could start over, I would save all of my prime lens purchases for later and simply start with a 24-70, and then a 70-200. I know this sounds crazy, but let me explain why.

2. The BEST Smoke Bombs For Photography & 5 TIPS On How To Use Them

Over the past couple of years, smoke bombs have become a popular photography accessory that adds a colorful new twist to portraits. They are being used for street portraiture, gender reveals, engagement shoots, and so much more. We found the best smoke bomb for photography usage and in this video, we are going to give you 5 tips on how to use them safely and creatively.

3. My Three Favorite Prime Lenses & How To Use Them For Portraiture

Prime lenses are wonderful for their low light capabilities, bokeh aesthetic, sharpness, and overall quality. In this video, I want to show you my 3 favorite prime lenses, and how to best use them for portraiture. If you are looking to buy, these are the lenses I’d start with first.

4. Living with the Canon EOS R: A 6-Month Hands-On Review

I had six months with Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera, the EOS R. From weddings, to travel, to personal family shoots – I’ve put this camera through its paces to see how to ranks next to Canon’s more durable 1D and 5D series cameras to decide whether or not it’s time for me to make the mirrorless jump.

5. If I Could Only Have One Lens, It Would Be…

I mentioned in a previous video that I hated the 24-70 as a focal length – even though it’s one of the most versatile lenses for my line of work, it isn’t what I typically grab for portrait sessions. Well, I’m going to eat those words now, because there’s a new sheriff in town that has completely changed my mind about a lens of this focal length. In this video, I’m going to tell you why the new Canon RF 28-70  f/2L is my new favorite lens.

6. Sony A7R4 Reactions and Initial Thoughts

Sony shook the industry this year with the drop of their newest mirrorless powerhouse, the Sony α7R IV, a whopping 61 MP full-frame camera years ahead of its competitors. We wanted to watch the product feature video and give you our initial thoughts and reactions to the specs of the α7R IV.

7. How to Speed Up Lightroom Without Buying New Hardware | 2019 Update

As the years have gone by, Adobe has consistently improved upon the speed & performance of Lightroom, but somehow, someway, it still gets sluggish and starts slowing down your workflow. We’ve gathered 10 tips to help you speed up your Lightroom performance and increase efficiency while editing.

8. Nighttime Portraits With ONLY a Phone Flashlight and the Canon EOS R

This year we started a new series on YouTube called ‘Back to the Basics’ focused on a set of challenges selected by our team here at SLR Lounge and audience participation. In this episode, we will only be using a phone flashlight to light our subject. Shiv restricted me to picking one camera, one lens, and a tripod to create these portraits, but I managed to sneak in a couple of tools.

9. Day vs Night: Full Length Behind the Scenes Photography Tutorial

We have another creative technique to add to your bag of tricks.  In this video, we’ll show you from start to finish how we took an ordinary scene and turned it into to go from day to night in one single exposure, in-camera. This tutorial is an excerpt from our Lighting 3 workshop which covers 20 different advanced off-camera flash techniques!

10. SLR Lounge Vs. Fstoppers Part II: Lee’s Revenge – Men’s Fitness Photography

Earlier this year, I traveled to Puerto Rico to visit Lee Morris and Patrick Hall from Fstoppers and was surprise attacked by a photography portrait challenge on their home turf. I thought it would only be fitting to do the exact same when he came to sunny Southern California to visit us in the studio.

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