Organization is my favorite word. Well, maybe my second favorite word after “efficiency.” (I’m Type A+, what can I say?) My DVD’s are in alphabetical order, my closet is color coded, and all the beverages in my fridge are lined up from tallest to shortest. Chaos stresses me out and working in chaos even more so.

I’m always on the lookout for quick organizational tips in all areas of my life and today, Tony Roslund is my new BFF. Though I don’t have rolls of seamless paper all around or a ton of grip equipment, seeing ways to organize inspires me to organize what I do have (weird, I know). So, I’m off to buy a rolling tool chest and use it as a desk for the office (thanks for the idea, Tony!)



In this short video below, Tony gives four sanity saving tips to organize your studio.

Tip 1: Use a pegboard to organize all your grip equipment

Bonus Tip: Gaffe tape a “baby plate” on the back of a piece of foam core put it on a grip head and adjust at varying angles to bounce light into the subject

Tip 2: Use an Accordion Folder to organize your gels

Tip 3: Use Rolling Carts as tethered workstations

Tip 4: Build an easy Seamless Paper Storage System (as seen here)

The 6:30-minute video gives more details, so check it out below:

[Via ISO1200]