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Opulent Celebrity Redwood Forest Wedding Channels Tolkien and Fairytales

August 2nd 2013 2:13 PM


Vanity Fair published exclusive photos from social-media baron Sean Parker (รก la Napster and Facebook) and singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas’ recent wedding. The couple exchanged their vows surrounded by majestic 500 year-old redwoods and Tolkien-esque costumed celebrities (created by Lord of the Rings costume designer Ngila Dickson).

We see a lot of weddings everyday, but this one is definitely one you have to see to believe. Photographed by Christian Oth and Mark Seliger, the grandiose nuptials are both surreal and earthy. The atmosphere is straight from a scene in a storybook. Epic does not even begin to describe the ambiance. I’m having some serious photo-envy right now.

So, would this be what it would look like if JRR Tolkien were a modern-day wedding planner?




















Side note: For those accusing Parker of destroying National Forrest – that is the entire picture, please pardon the pun. Parker responds, stating that he took the privately owned land that was covered with asphalt and park benches and returned it back to nature. They did not cut down any trees. All the structures and non-indigenous potted plants were made to be easily removed after the wedding to minimize disruption to the topsoil and environment. To read the CCC statement for their point of view, you can also click here.

To read more about planning the Parker-Lenas multi-million dollar wedding, click here.

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All images: Christain Oth and Mark Seliger

[via Vanity Fair]


is a Southern California based Conceptual Artist and Photographer. Her work has been featured in several print publications and selections can be seen in local gallery exhibitions. Connect with her on Facebook and Google+.

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  1. fashion weddings

    Celebrities weddings are awesome.Wanna know about whose wedding was awesome,nice etc..Visit this,you’re gonna love this

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  2. Ross

    Who cares if he had a permit, I want to know what he did with all the Ewoks.

    | |
  3. Mr B

    Why are you guys arguing about permit or no permit!? Why does everyone want to be right? Why was the information about the wedding posted here in the first place!!? To me it sounds like a bunch of elementary school girls bickering about stuff that you have no control over anyway, it has happened and you cannot change anything about it so leave it be! Why don’t we just critique the photos or something and forget about trying to prove who is write or wrong about permit or no permit!!

    I think the pictures are nice!!

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  4. Mtobin

    Many of the photos seem blown out and out of focus.

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  5. Ren

    Thanks Joe, for trying to set the record straight. I read the article and found it enlightening. One thing is obviously clear – money talks.

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  6. Malcolm

    I love the idea and find it hilarious that there’s always people who like to jump up with accusations.
    Guys, yes its OTT and yes, I too am very jealous but get the facts straight before throwing petted lips around! And be honest…. Under the right conditions.. You would.
    Congrats to them!

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    • Ren

      Largely, I don’t care about the facts because I never really had a real interest in the story to begin with. I was talking about this with a couple of friends (who are getting married, funnily enough) and they mentioned the deal with Parker paying a fine or somesuch and damage. I already knew my opinion was based on hearsay, hence my use of “apparently” in my comment.

      And no, I wouldn’t have my wedding in a forest. Too many freakin’ bugs and not enough toilets.

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  7. Martine Brucheau

    Thank you Joe, and for those who speak inconsistency should read and understand the article before you go blaming others. Joe you guys rocked this and than on top of all, you donate and took care of the forest as though it was your own home, Thanks

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  8. Cristian

    The truth is I do not feel amaze about this, instead I feel sad and really upset. The guy did his wedding in a US national park without any permission (of course he do not care is billionaire, so 2.5 millions in fines are just a joke to him), in the process he perturb and destroy part of the forest to follow his amazing stinky selfish dream. Who cares about nature, I have a dream!!!
    He ruin a world human heritage site, and if he would be a normal citizen of US he would be in jail for such a terrible act. I hope as any opulent wedding in the US between celebrities this one also have a long duration of two months followed by lawyers and billions in demands. What a couple of douche bags.

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    • Joe

      Not true.

      The Atlantic wrote a scathing piece that criticized Sean Parker like you did, and Sean Parker wrote back with a lengthy letter that showed that not only did he do his due diligence with the help of Save the Redwoods League, but his wedding was planned exactly to have very minimal impact to the environment.

      “First and foremost is that nobody goes out of their way to get married in a redwood forest unless they really love redwood forests. Getting married beneath an old growth redwood tree has been a dream shared by me and my wife for a long time.”

      The ground was not public land, and instead belonged to the Ventana campground site as a closed-down campground. It was covered in asphalt and he restored it to its natural forest floor and vegetation. All the structures were built off site and are constructed so they can be placed in the area without having to dig for foundation and so they can be removed very quickly.

      “We want to crazy lengths to ensure that nothing in the forest was harmed during the construction process. We used fabric liners to protect the ground from our landscaping work. We avoided planting directly in the soil, instead we brought in potted plants. Contrary to media reports, no redwood trees were harmed by the wedding or construction.”

      “Everything we built was designed to be dismantled and removed after the wedding. I inquired about the need for permits early in the process and was informed that, due to the temporary nature of the construction, no such permit would be required. The CCC and Monterey County both offer some sort of exemptions for temporary events. Almost all the structures you see were designed to be temporary–they were actually built off-site and then reassembled on the topsoil of the campground. There is no mortar inside them, so they will just come apart like legos and get carried off.”

      “You should also be aware that the $2.5 million was not, strictly speaking, a “fine” for any particular violation. We conceded to pay a $1 million into the CCC’s conservation fund, and then work together to deploy a minimum of an additional $1.5 million in charitable contributions to help the Monterey/Big Sur area. This is all work that is consistent with the kind of conservation work I’m already doing. We have some great ideas about how to provide affordable (read: free) camping by bussing under-privileged kids and other groups into the Big Sur area for a free camping experience that they would get to have otherwise. Keep in mind, this is a minimum contribution, I am open to giving much more as the conservation projects develop.”

      “we spent roughly $4.5 million on prepping the site and big part of that was restoring the forest floor (I should say, covering the forest floor with plants) since it had been paved over in black asphalt or cleared by bulldozers before we ever laid eyes on the campground.”

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    • Mark Zuckerberg

      Despite Joe’s defense and Parker’s attempts to paint this as though he had acted appropriately, the California Coastal Commission’s press release on the settlement is the most accurate, enlightening backgrounder to this whole episode.

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  9. Ren

    Apparently they did not have permits and were fined something like 2.5m for the damage to the area. As pretty as this is, it’s not worth it if you are going to ruin the very thing you are using as a feature in your wedding.

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  10. Travis – Friday Wedding Photography

    Oh my gosh!!! AMAZING WEDDING!!!! It’s like a dream!

    I LOVE all the hanging elements.

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